Bowman Defense Review

Let’s talk about a little game called Bowman Defense from Triniti Interactive; “The hottest bowman battlefield ever!”.  We will talk about the graphic styling, game play, bugs and much more.  Let’s not waste anymore time and dive into this castle defense review.

First up, you may or may not know about a game called Patapon.  This was a rhythmic game with a very nice look to it for the PSP.  The look was so nice that Triniti decided they would borrow it for Bowman Defense.  Why stop there?  Well… most would, but Triniti went ahead and made a rhythmic drum beat in the spirit of Patapon as well.  Since I’m a nice guy I’ll refrain from calling this Patapon Defense from here on out, though I really want to.

originalThe game plays as you would expect it to.  You’re the last Bowman defending the last castle from evil forces.  The evil doers will advance from the right side of the screen towards your castle.   You are happily perched atop the highest tower on the left side of the screen.  To stop the advancing army you swipe your finger back and let an arrow go after a quick aim.

There are four types of arrows.  Standard, fire, blast, and poisoned.  Each doing what you would expect them to.  In addition to the arrow types you will have four power-ups as well.  Double damage, random instant kill, HP recovery, and shoot three arrows at the same time.  These will affect your archer for 20 seconds and are one use items costing 1k per.  Since the power-ups are one use this obviously means you will use each once per day.

img_0401Speaking of days, each level is called a day in this game, and there are 30 of them.  I don’t recall the exact pattern, but it felt about every 5 days a new unit type would show up.  Each day irregardless of whether or not a unit came with it, the other units get stronger.

Fighting… or shooting… or angry finger swiping, whatever you want to call it… I call it simple.  As tends to be a common thing with Triniti games, you can get by using the first skill the game gives you until the bitter end.  All the previously mentioned arrow types are all upgradeable.  If you just upgrade the basic arrow and add an extra archer when you can you’ll never fail.  I ended the game at day 30 with 5 archers(max) and the standard arrow fully upgraded.  I ended the game without using the other arrows for anything more than a break from the norm.  I ended the game with no thought about strategy or much difficulty at all.  Most days not a single soul touched my castle wall.  Even when they brought their best you just hit “three arrow” and they melt at your feet.  Fifteen max damage arrows for 20 seconds was the best time I had in this game.

img_04061In my final thoughts here, I’d like to point out what drove me bonkers and or blew my mind in this title.  First, if you go to your main app page to answer a call or text during a game it will strip you of all your power-ups.  If you had bought four, you are now out four thousand gold.  The good news is that you do get to start at the day you left off at.  Second, the defiant little archer doesn’t always fire his arrow after you aim.  You need to re-aim and usually in a hurry due to the time you just lost.  And last but not least… what kind of medieval Patapon themed castle defense game would allow itself to be so confused?  There are helicopters and planes attacking your castle!  Helicopters and planes!…  Why on earth is there helicopters and planes attacking my castle?  At least my almighty bow and arrow can down the medieval aces.

Presentation and Graphics
No originality outside of the changes that needed to be made legally to avoid a lawsuit from Patapon.  The game does look good and would be a 3 or 3.5 if it wasn’t completely ripped off.

The sounds is mediocre at best.  It has a rhythmic drum beat that get’s old fast and obviously the sounds of your archer slinging arrows.

This is a castle defense type game, and plays as you would expect one to.

It does not take long to beat the 30 days the game launched with and there is zero reason to play them twice.  The team behind the game is working on a second episode though.

Game Rating
The game does a good job at being a castle defense, it’s only $.99, and does look good.  If you love castle defense games and have a dollar laying around, there is no reason to not pick this up.  If you are looking to try out a castle defense game this one is very easy and therefore a good starting point.  However, if you’re looking for something special in the castle defense genre, this is not it.

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