Bounder’s World Review

Leap tall buildings in a single 47 bounds

I have an immediate question about this game. You play as a yellow tennis ball where the aim is to jump across the rooftops of city buildings and other similar levels. Am I missing something here, or isn’t it obvious this game should be called ‘Bouncer’s World’?

I know it’s a re-imagined version of the 80′s classic ‘Bounder’, so it’s only a homage to what went before,  but this is too obvious to ignore.  How has this great videogame injustice gone unaddressed for over thirty years?

Well, whatever. It’s their game and they can call it what they want, I’m not going to sulk. ‘Bounder’s World’ is a 3D platformer where you play as a yellow tennis ball aiming to jump across the rooftops of city buildings and other similar levels.  Have I said that before? Oh dear, I really need to get a new review template.

Using forward/ back, left/ right tilt controls to move your BOUNCING ball, you BOUNCE across the rooftops while collecting stars (which have zero in-game use), and being careful to avoid the drop in- between the skyscrapers or bridges. Get to the finish line and you’ll BOUNCE onto the next stage. Fall to your death and…well, you’re dead.  I’m not bitter about the bounce by the way.

And that’s it. It’s an incredibly basic game, which doesn’t really have any particularly redeeming features, but at the same time isn’t a complete stinker.  There is actually a modicum of enjoyment to be had from correctly timing your BOUNCES…sorry, bounces so you land safely. You can also demolish buildings, hit targets for a bounce boost and enter chutes which provide a bit of variety depending on the level. This will keep you interested. For about 23 minutes.

Graphically it’s unappealing and very rough. This is the type of look iOS games had back when developers first made the discovery the iPod Touch could be used for more than playing Celine Dion tunes. The most visually impressive element is the title screen. And that’s a serious reach. Yes, this is one classic videogame that hasn’t aged well.

But forget all that, let’s get to the real horror.  ‘Bounder’s World’ has possibly the most annoying theme tune I’ve ever heard in a videogame, or anything else for that matter. It’s a kind of Saturday morning kid’s TV show ditty, but also sounds like the kind of music that must go through a child’s head on Christmas morning when they’re opening their presents.  It’s a nightmare where every character from the Cbeebies channel attacks you in your sleep.  Basically no grown man should be playing this in public with the sound turned up.

US Army interrogators are known for employing a peculiar method of torture to disorientate and  break their prisoners – loud and excruciatingly irritating music. One famous track employed is the theme tune from ‘Barney’. I would suggest they retire it and use this instead. Guaranteed to get faster results.

But here’s the thing: after 15 minutes, I began to enjoy the music. After 30, I was in love. After 3 minutes I distinctly remember crying. I should give this game 4.5 stars  for the music alone. The only reason it wouldn’t get the full 5 is because I can’t inject the soundtrack directly into my bloodstream.

As basic and cheesy as ‘Bounder’s World’ is, you might end up really liking it. Ignore the score and just drink in the music. It’ll make you want to rip your eardrums out and hurl them at a passer by, but it’ll make you feel young, happy and hopeful again. How many games can lay claim to that?

On the other hand, keep me the heck away from this game before that music turns me psycho.

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Bounder’s World is available for on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Get it now on the Bounder's World - Thumbstar Games

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