Bouncy! review

Lonely happy rabbit bouncing his worries away.

Bouncy the rabbit has got one passion in life: bouncing on trampolines. You wouldn’t see Bouncy in the crowd surrounding Snow-white, or as part of the posse of evil rabbits found in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No exactly like Disney’s Ferdinand Bouncy has found his place, and change would be against the will of this bunny.

Bouncy! might seem like a simple casual game you can just pick up now and then, and do rather well at. Actually that is quite far from the truth in my opinion. Sure it takes a couple of seconds to start up, and the controls are really easy to get into. To excel you need to get into the zone however just like in games like Touchgrind and Canabalt you need that flow.

Jumping on the trampoline has controls divided into three: down, rotate to the right and rotate to the left. Two different control scheme divided these three actions into either slides, or touches on corresponding zones on the screen. Personally I find it much easier to simply use the touch controls where touching the right side of the screen makes Bouncy rotate to the right/clockwise.

The controls aren’t perfect when you start reaching higher heights, and wind starts picking up. Having the screen divided into zones is ok, but there should be clear partitions or buttons visible to the player. Now important rotations might be missed, as my finger has moved to the centre where Bouncy gets more speed instead. This has lead to more deaths than anything else.

Bouncy dies a lot, and blood sprays across the canvas of the trampoline. Quite horrid, and I can’t find a setting to turn it off. Because of that gruesome detail I can’t allow my kids to play the game, which is a shame because they would love the game mechanic.

Objectives are shown at the top, and as you complete one you get another. This is great as you can keep jumping fulfilling more and more objectives. The trampoline breaks if you hit it too hard though making it imperative to limit the force somewhat.

The slightly unclear controls, gory details that can’t be turned off and lack of any real variation bring the impressions down. Bouncy! is still a really fun game playable on small, medium and large iOS devices. It is the kind of game that attracted me to playing games on a smartphone from the start: easy to get into and always available, but still so hard to master.

Final Rating


Bouncy! can be found here.

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