Borderlands Legends Coming To iOS (update)

Get ready to play some Borderlands on your iOS device.

Originally posted October 22: You can’t go to a gaming website without seeing something related to Borderlands 2. Whether it’s a ridiculous screenshot, some awesome new gun, or news of the latest DLC, Borderlands 2 is everywhere. Everywhere except iOS. That’s all changing now, as an ad in the Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide confirms the existence of a Borderlands game coming to iPhone and iPad.

So what the heck is this Borderlands game? It appears as though it is some sort of wave-based combat game featuring randomly generated missions. Players will take on the roles of Roland, Lilith, Mordecai or Brick from the original Borderlands (and non-playable NPCs in Borderlands 2). Players will strategically take cover as they try to make their way through the missions in the game.

Like Borderlands on the console, it will have a system where players level up their characters and try to build them up as they go. Players will improve their characters through cash that is collected in the game and experience earned from killing enemies and completing objectives.

That’s about all we know about the game right now. It has not been officially announced by 2K at this point. The gameplay definitely departs from the standard gameplay we expect from Borderlands, but it still sounds interesting. I am a huge Borderlands fan, so taking any version of the game on the road is certainly something that interests me.

Source: IGN

Update 23 October, 2012: 2K kindly sent us these new screens from the game. It’s now clear that it’s not a first person action game as once hoped, and instead a top down squad-based shooter. Still, it looks kinda sweet, particularly all the weapons options. Behold!

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    Wow, I was not expecting this at all but I’m pleasantly surprised. :)

  • rodgerodger

    I’m actually more interested in this game now because it’s not a FPS, which in my experience never play that great on a touch screen. This would be an awesome XCOM like TBS, but I’ll take a real time action strategy game a well.