Boost 3D review

Boost 3d is the perfect name for this game. You boost along a 3d maze of tunnels, bridges and obstacles. It is never explained what vehicle you use to travel along these winding paths, and quite frankly I don’t care. Boost 3d is a high score game, and that is it.

The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible without coming to a complete halt. There are arrows on the floor that gives a boost when you go over them. This boost wears off after some time, and need to be renewed by hitting more boost zones. If you crash into something without any boost it is game over. If however you have some boost left you only loose that amount, and can keep going. Having a bit of boost left is like having a spare life but at the same time it makes it all go faster thus making it harder.

The obstacles come in different shapes and behaviours. The floor/ceiling/walls of the tunnels and winding roads are usually white but get a colour whenever there is an obstacle on that part. When the obstacle itself comes closer the colour turns light warning you to stay clear. There are also obstacles that don’t signal where they will show up, and some move over the course forcing you to dodge.

img_0593You control by tilting your iPhone, and it works perfectly. The game rotates around you giving a real sense of movement. I often tap the screen because I want to jump but that only brings out the pause menu. You can choose to calibrate in the pause menu but that is seldom needed.

Boost 3d has got almost the same addictive pull as games such as Doodle Jump and Canabalt. Just one more go, one more. What is a shame though is that it takes quite a while initially to get to the more intense parts of the game. I would have liked to jump into the game further in to avoid the slow start. This could have been remedied by using randomised levels like in Canabalt but in Boost 3d the level look the same every time. This makes me hesitate for an instant before trying again, and ultimately leads to the decision not to upon my second game over in a session.

img_0576There are online highscores integrated using the free Openfeint service. I don’t really understand the scores some people get, as I am so far from being close to them. But then again practise makes perfect.

The graphics in Boost 3d is really nice and smooth. When it is going well I get almost hypnotised by the whirling tunnels, and bright colours of the blocks moving towards me. It is a really pleasant experience just playing to clear my mind.

The music is good with uptempo electronics suitable to the hypnotic graphics. The sound effects are a bit too sparse, and I would like to hear the obstacles move around. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects as well.

boostBoost 3d is a great pick up and play game with crisp visuals, good sounds and solid controls. A quicker route from the start to the more intense passages would be appreciated. Only one game mode limits the game somewhat, and I can think of a heap of different game modes for the graphics and control engine. For example a de Blob mode where you have to paint the tunnels would be cool.

At a dollar it is easy to recommend Boost 3d as a solid and addictive arcade game.

Final Rating


Boost 3D $0.99

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    Looks interesting, i’m definitely going to get this.