Blueprint 3D review

I hated this game from the first minute I started playing it. For heaven’s sake I couldn’t even get past the bloody tutorial. I tried, and tried and tried but I just didn’t get it. All was a big blur of lines against the blueprint graph paper. Needless to say it was a frustrating experience, and I even tried to give the game to some other writer at TouchGen for review. But alas that is the cowards way out, and I am not that kind of person. With a large cup of coffee, some candies and a humongous amount of sheer bravery I went at it again. I felt my hair starting to thin out a bit, and turn grey around my temples for the first thirty minutes. Then I saw the light, and that is actually true in a very literal sense of the word. One of the levels in the first level pack that I understood right away was actually that of Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue overlooking Rio. From that point on the game turned into an obsession, and all my previous ailments were gone.

img_6218Blueprint 3D is a simple match the shape game when broken down to the core essentials of the game. You rotate an image divided into segments in a 3D plane. The goal is to repliacate the real image. The controls allow you to rotate the image with swipes sideways, and dragging around. Finding what is up, and what is down is just as imperative as finding what is front, and what is back. Intially this drove me nuts, but now hours later I have a clear strategy. I look for patterns that create complete lines. The more intricate the lines I look for the easier the level is to solve. There is such an immense sense of satisfacition when I complete a level I have been at for a while. After beating it once the goal for me is to speed it up, and get more stars. Solving the blueprints with speed adds another dimension to the game that is both fun, and frantic.

img_6222Level design is everything, and in Blueprint 3D it is absolutely brilliant. Starting off with the rather easy architecture and then going into smaller harder to identify electronics is great. After that I won’t spoil the surprise, but it gets bigger, bolder and at times harder. With 240 levels, in game trophies, Game Center achievements and score FDG Entertainment has almost every important aspect of game life and connectivity covered. I say almost because I think a versus mode locally on the iPad should be included, and pass n’ play for the iPhone. It could also work with asynchronous challenges for best time. There are IAP to buy solutions when stuck, but with patience you won’t need them.

img_6221The level of polish to the presentation is awesome for this puzzler. The closest competition in this department is Zen Bound 2. Even the graph paper backgrounds look awesome. How they manage to get lines blurred in a 3D mash up into coherent images is mind-blowing. This is one of those iOS defining games that everyone should have on their device. The music is laid back arrangements that borders between ambience, and parlour piano muzak. Nice for a while, but I rather choose something a bit more upbeat from my own collection.

Blueprint 3D is a fresh and unique take on 3D puzzles executed perfectly for iOS. Great attention to detail, clever level design and a whopping 240 levels means that this is a keeper. It takes some time to get into it, so prepare for about an hour of being puzzled, bemused and annoyed. When you get it there are not many games out there that can give the same sense of satisfaction. Now I am really happy that I stuck with it, and tackled the challenge.

Final Rating


Blueprint 3D $0.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

Blueprint 3D HD 2.99

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  • Karl

    Thanks for the great review, Torbjorn. It conviced me to buy it and I’m really enjoying the game :)