Bloximity Quick Review

Click to launch App Storeby Matt Dunn

It’s a puzzle game… with numbers! Yes, that sounds like the math assignment from hell. Luckily, this isn’t a math game,  so you might actually want to give this one a chance.

bloximity1You have blocks of different colors, and each block contains a number 1-9. As more blocks drop from the top, your job is to match any 2 or more blocks of either the same color, or the same number. You can create some pretty good chains through doing this, which can be really satisfying. There are several different special blocks that do things like scramble the blocks, or turn the everything upside down. The game is a combination of several different puzzle game types into one, which works well, but also leans more towards the cliche side of the fence.

Presentation and Graphics:
Pretty good presentation. Animation is a bit choppy. Nothing spectacular

Sound is a bit staticy at times. Not bad, but not great.

Bloximity is fun to play, no doubt. Various “power-up” blocks definitely help make things more interesting. It’s very easy to just pick up and play. Unfortunately, since it draws from many other puzzle games for it’s dynamics, it’s not very original. But then again, what puzzle game really is? (not very many)


Local leader board, with only one game mode. The only reason I’m scoring it this high, is one game can last quite a while, and the auto load system works well. So it’s a game you can play on and off for a while. Nothing to unlock though, no puzzle modes, nothing else. Will keep you occupied for a while, but not much insentive to return.

Game Rating

Bloximity is a fun little casual puzzle game, that will have you playing for a while. However, lackluster visuals and mostly generic gameplay will hinder those looking for a new puzzle experience. But if you’re a fan of the tried and true (and many of you are!), give Bloximity a look!

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