Bloons Quick Review

I first played Bloons when it was released on Newgrounds a couple years ago. I sucked several hours of my life then just the same as the iPhone version did! The game involves throwing darts to pop balloons with various powerups and obstacles. The level design starts out simple, but gets quite difficult and creative as you play the 50 levels. The original Bloons online game allowed for players to submit levels, and they released several add on packs to the game for people to play. It looks like Digital Goldfish is following suit with a big update that will be launching soon.

Presentation & Graphicsipgn-007

Nothing flashy. Pretty much the same graphics as the online game, but they work well enough. Animation is generally good.


Only one song while playing that gets annoying. Other sound effects work well enough, but there isn’t a good variety.


Very fun and challenging, while remaining easily accessible to pickup and play. Shows your last dart toss on your next turn, which really helps you decide how to throw your next shot. Late levels can get extremely difficult, but are all passable with time.

Only 50 levels really is not a lot of game time. Luckily, an update is coming out that adds 50 more levels, and an in-game editor to make your own! No word on whether this will allow you to download other user’s levels in-game, but it’s still sweet.

Game Rating

Bloons is on the iPhone is just as solid as it’s online version.  The gameplay is easy and accessible, but the levels are quite challenging! It’s a great little destraction, and easy to play in short bursts. In it’s current state there are only 50 levels to play. However, after the update is released, there will be quite a lot more to do. I would certainly recommend it!

Bloons – $.99 (sale)

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    this is like that angels game.