Blockdozer review

The smallest cutest bulldozer ever goes into action against falling blocks.

I remember being sixteen years old, and how I managed to waste all my time doing pretty much nothing useful. Or rather not useful at that time. Nothing productive, and I made no money doing nothing. I played a lot of games that is a great help to me today. It was also the time after the moped, and the wait to be able to drive around in a car by myself.

This guy however has managed to create his own quite fun casual game at that age. To me it is hard not to be impressed. If I learn that he has managed to be out at night pulling pranks, and going steady with some girl I will be pissed as well.

Nevertheless a game can’t be judged on the creator, as we would probably get five year old blind dog reaching the App Store if we didn’t look for quality. Blockdozer is a really simple game, and what makes it great is that it doesn’t try to be more than that.

Your task is to drive the Blockdozer back, and forth getting the block off the screen while not getting hit. There are a couple of powerups to help you out, but most of the game relies on quick responses to falling blocks. Having the umbrella makes the Blockdozer invulnerable for example. Once it fades I found myself more vulnerable than ever.

The controls are simple as well with a magnet on each side that allows you to drive, or rather attract the Blockdozer. In my opinion the controls are perhaps too responsive giving it less of a dozer feel, and more of a direct digital feel. A dozer should slip, and slide a bit. This goes from nought to full pelt at the blink of an eye.

As for presentation it is bright, and colourful. On the iPhone 4-5 retina screen the game really pops with life. On the iPad the game has to be run in double-sized mode, and hence doesn’t look as great. The audio is a bit uneven, and lacks fluidity between sounds. I do however highly enjoy the startup engine sound that is powerful for such a small dozer.

With Game Center high scores this is one of those little casual games you can play more than you imagined. There is a lack of variation though, and compared to similar concepts like The Blocks Cometh it needs to be fleshed out. For a free game it is definitely worth the download no matter if the creator had been sixteen, or an established studio.

Final Rating


Blockdozer Free
Version: 1.1
Seller: Carl Tengström / Lemony Lobster Labs

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