Blast Ball review

I was supposed to do something, but now I don’t really know what it was. Not that important then I hope.

Yes now I remember. I was going to write a review for a game called Blast Ball, but I had to try to beat my high score just once more. Speaking of which I didn’t beat it so I might as well give it another go.

Ok now I lost another hour of the day without knowing what happened, or at least my subconscious knows that I was deeply entranced playing Blast Ball. If you take one of the most popular sports involving placing a ball in a net/goal/basket, and combine it with the crazy pace and perspective of Super Crate Box and Muffin Knight. It is insanely playable, and equally addictive.

You control a boxy 3D stickman with a cap, and your objective is to place whatever ball comes your way in any of the two goals. It sounds simple, and it is simple. There are of course enemies there to disturb you making sure your goal scoring isn’t super easy. Most of these can be jumped over, or in a pinch you can use your limited bomb supply to blast them away. Advanced strategies involve hitting them with the ball to kill them while on the way towards goal. At times there are ghosts chasing you directly through the ceilings, and these have to be avoided or killed right away.

Balls appear randomly just like the crates do in Super Crate Box, and this is the shared appeal. The randomness that makes it all feel fresh, and manageable. Where Blast Ball excels over the clear inspiration is in the control department. You only get two movement arrows, and a jump button that is highly responsive. Sure there is the bomb button, but with a limited supply it isn’t used that often. Having tight controls is essential in this kind of twitch arcade game. If the on-screen controls aren’t your forte there is also iCade, iControlPad and Gametel support in Blast Ball. You can basically play it any way you like it. The best way in my opinion is hooking the iPad or iPhone 4S to a projector, and then using the Gametel as a proper game controller.

Blast Ball is a feast for the eyes, and ears if they have been classically trained on old-school machines like the Commodore 64 or NES. This is retro HI octane chiptune music combined with retro pixels of nostalgia. All effects are modern though, and the screen feels alive with pulsating lines of bliss. This is the kind of presentation I enjoy, as it is there to enhance the gameplay without taking the focus from the task at hand.

Blast Ball is simply a brilliant game taking the best of some well-known ideas, and crunching them into a unique formula. Playable, addictive and sheer fun. The only thing I really long for is more levels in future updates. This game can blast my balls for a long time, and I will enjoy every minute of it.

Final Rating


Blast Ball $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Uncade LLC

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