Blackbeard’s Assault Quick Review

Click to launch App Storeby Matt Dunn

I’m not sure where the genre originated, but games like Zuma and PuzzleLoop have always held a special place in my gaming heart. The fast-paced nature of these games has always one-upped most other match-the-color puzzle games. Does Blackbeard’s Assault one-up the competition?

This level is hard. Or I just suck. Either one.

This level is hard. Or I just suck. Either one.

The quick answer to that question is… YES, WITH THE THUNDER OF A THOUSAND MIGHTY CANNONS! Seriously though, Blackbeard’s Assault blew me away with it’s refined controls, exciting game play, and fantastic graphics and sound. In fact, I’ve had more fun with this game than most other games I’ve ever had on my iPhone, and that’s no joke.

BA comes with some nice surprises, like an actual illustrated story line (which takes a wonderfully “meme” twist towards the end…)! The twist on gameplay comes with you controlling up to 4 cannons at once, each with different colored cannon balls that queue up. At first I ignored using more than one, but later levels require you to switch back and forth, which is both maddening and satisfying at the same time. Oh and did I mention it was challenging?

There's a lot of hurt in those eyes... Poor Cpt. Blacky!

There's a lot of hurt in those eyes... Poor Cpt. Blacky!

The game comes with 20 levels, 3 modes of difficulty, and is a ton of fun!

Presentation and Graphics:
Just plain awesome graphics, with absolutely no framerate slow down, even when the screen is filled with cannon balls!

The best sound of any game I’ve played. That pirate soundtrack gets you pumpin!

Very tight controls, and tons of fun to play. It’s sometimes hard to make out power-up cannon balls, as well as item crates. Would be nice if these stood out a bit more, considering how intense the puzzle action is!

No online leaderboards, but according to the in-game message, it’s coming soon. No other options of play other than story mode. It’s a great single-player experience though.

Game Rating
Worth every doubloon you spend on it. Beats out all other games on the app store like it for originality and production value.

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