Black Friday tip: get a free Kindle book about game design!

Ever wanted to break into game design?

Since you are here for a free book, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Besides being an editor, I write books. My newest book will be free during Black Friday and continue to be so for two whole days. So You Want to Be a Game Designer! heralds exiting times for me. You see, normally I’m the one giving out critique on this website, but this time it is your turn. Get the book while the offer lasts and do let me know what you think. Here’s a brief summary:

“So You Want to Be a Game Designer! is all about designing games, with you as a beginner in mind. Have you ever wondered about the possibilities for breaking into game design but don’t know where to start? This book is composed of 50% theory and 50% practical examples, enabling you to start creating classic games right away, while leafing through helpful examples. Several indie developers and seasoned game designers were interviewed for this book, including Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box) and Launching Pad Games (Scarlett & The Spark of Life, Mighty Fin).”    

Blatant plug? Yes. Free books? Yes, please! Normally, the book will set you back $ 9.99 so get it while it lasts. I reckon it’s a little more generous than the Turkey Helm currently available for Infinity Blade III (for a limited time) , isn’t it? Man, does that helmet look weird.

So You Want to Be a Game Designer!: A Balanced Book of Practice and Theory is now available on Amazon Kindle. It will be free from the 29th to the 30th of November (two days).



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