Bio Army review

I hate how my time gets all consumed at times. Looking down on my iPhone concentrating, planning and upgrading. Looking up I have often lost one or two hours to the game. This happens too often with tower defense games, and BioArmy is no exception. It is never about the story, but always about finding the perfect strategy. To be a good game in the genre being challenging is a must. Too many times I find that tower defense games come with too simple levels of difficulty. In Bio Army I get my ass kicked, and I love it.

The interface works really well, and is completely touch controlled. You touch the side menu to open submenus for purchasing units, and special structures. As the 15 maps give you a predetermined route for the enemies this game is all about resource management, and making the maximum amount of damage. I personally prefer these set path tower defense games. In terms of gameplay BioArmy is not far from Crystal Defenders from Square Enix.

img_008915 maps to unlock in five different game modes give a whole lot of game life. As you progress new units, and upgrades are unlocked. This clear sense of progression helps motivating me to push on. The special structures such as the lotto center where you buy lottery tickets, and pray for a win, add freshness to the otherwise quite flooded genre.
Strategy, all about strategy. I have yet to fully understand the game even after 30+ hours of concentration. At times I find it better to upgrade a few units to become hard as nails warriors, and at other times I just litter the map with cheap units and succeed. The special structures also disturb my planning, and I have yet to grasp whether they are worth using for the ordinary limited wave game, or only for the endless mode.

img_0105The presentation is ok, and the units and backgrounds look good. The enemies on the other hand are quite boring, and some of them are a bit rugged around the edges. The music is annoying, and thankfully it can be muted to allow me to play my own music. The sound effects are good, even though it can become quite grating when you have a lot of units blasting away. I really like hearing my sniper thumping away at the enemies.
BioArmy doesn’t bring many new ideas to the table, but instead the focus is on game life and challenge. If you don’t like tower defense games this won’t change your opinion. If you on the other hand are a tower defense fan who like set path maps you will definitely enjoy Bio Army.

Final Rating


Bio Army $0.99
Version: 1.o
Seller: Zhao Jin

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