Big Bad Flower review

Giant worms of death, dinos from the depths and bats from hell are kind of scary in games. Flowers tend to be nice, and who hasn’t enjoyed Flower Garden for the iPhone? Now a new foe is introduced upon the world, and it is taken from a pot instead out of a crazy T-virus. Big Bad Flower is let loose upon the world. The premise is not really terrifying as the flower only has a strange bubble weapon, and a petal propeller move.

img_1536Big Bad Flower is an arcade game that explores some cool ideas. The controls are quite easy to grasp from the get go, even though they are quite unique. Enemies pop up above the flower, and move in from the sides. By drawing circles around them you encase them. Once enclosed in the bubble the enemies have to be disposed by blowing them away. By swiping across the face of Big Bad Flower you create a gust of wind from the petals rotating that blows away all captured enemies. Enemies try to fire at you, and by tapping incoming projectiles you can blow them away as well.

A level is cleared once a set number of enemies have been disposed of. If too many projectiles hit the flower petals start to fall off, and the agony is visible. As new worlds are unlocked you encounter new enemy types in new settings. Starting off with the odd squirrel you soon face tanks, and even aliens.

The first fifteen minutes I spent with Big Bad Flower I was really impressed. It was a fun game, and once the pace picked up it was really fun. After those initial minutes the game started to become highly repetitive, and straining on my gaming hand. The constant circling, swiping, circling, swiping, and tapping becomes tiresome physically. As there is only a variation in setting, and foes there is little to alleviate this. Furthermore the pacing is initially slow on levels that are supposed to be harder. I would like to have short, and highly paced levels as I progress instead of the same initial lull.


Darn pigeons!

The presentation is ok with bright cartoon graphics. I like how the expressions of enemies change from menacing to woeful once you circle them. The damage to Big Bad Flower is also well done, and adds to the frantic mood of the game. The music isn’t really memorable, but not annoying either. Your typical arcade game music.

There are some extra game modes to unlock, as well as a nice progression with new levels. Had this been a bare high score game I would have quit completely after those first fifteen minutes. Now I got some incentive to press on to face dinos in space, and evil robots. Only local leaderboards are available, with the possibility to brag through Facebook and Twitter.

At a buck it is worth getting Big Bad Flower for the cool controls, and I hope to see more innovations from this fresh developer.

Final Rating

Big Bad Flower $0.99
Version: 1.2
Seller: Big Bad Brush

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