Beyond Ynth review

Kriblonia is one troubled kingdom, and instead of relying on a muscular Conan or gadget geek such as James Bond it relies on a bug for salvation. Kribl who is probably an expert at rolling dung along has never assembled a Beretta 92F in a dark sewer or even beat an enemy to death with his own severed arm. Thankfully the obstacles ahead calls for rolling skills instead of weapons or brutality.

img_1301Beyond Ynth is the sequel to Ynth, and even though they share the same kind of controls and puzzles the difference between the two is like night and day. Beyond Ynth is a much more polished experience, and even if you have already bought the original it is well worth getting into the sequel.

You control Kribl by using four on-screen buttons. Left, jump left, right and jump right. With such simple controls there really is a need for the puzzles to be intricate to pose a challenge. Kribl can push against walls of cubes of all sizes. On the initial forest levels he can walk freely outside of the boxes, and other cubic structures. As you progress on the world map of Kriblonia new challenges are introduced. For example snow that freezes Kribl to death, sun that fries him with a sizzling sound and lava that is definitely a big health hazard. The puzzles are all about space, and less about timing. This is a learning experience, as my initial solution to a lot of puzzles is to run and jump. At first I got angry at the controls as Kribl froze to death for the tenth time in a row. The controls aren’t the limitation, but rather the puzzle skill of the player.

img_1302There are 80 levels in the game, and depending on your spatial rotational skills this game will take between ten to twenty hours to complete. Getting all diamonds on all the levels will probably take a whole lot longer. The game tracks statistics for just about everything. Distance, deaths and cause of deaths, diamonds collected and a heap more. Achievements and highscores are provided through OpenFeint. For playtime Beyond Ynth really provides a lot of content. The only thing missing is a level editor.

The presentation is polished with some cool voice acting accompanying the stories hand drawn images. Kribl is cute, and it really sends chills down my spine as the sun sizzles along the shell. Bright colourful environments set the different scenes. img_1304The boxes get kind of boring after a while, and some variation graphically would be nice. Good sound effects, and cheerful somewhat annoying music bombards the ears. It lets me play my own music instead, while keeping the sound effects.

Beyond Ynth is a great game in the spatial puzzle genre. It can be frustrating, hard and addictive. To me this is the kind of game that is perfect for the iPhone. It can be played for a quick break, as well as possessing you for hours on end. The simple controls prove that there is no need for gimmicks to make a game interesting.

Final Rating


Beyond Ynth $3.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR
Tested on an iPhone 4.
Also available for iPad, Beyond Ynth $5.99

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