Bejeweled 2 versus Match 3D Flick Puzzle review

Match 3 duel – Bejeweled 2 versus Match 3D Flick Puzzle.

Bejeweled 2 has been hanging around the App Store since August of 2008 making it a seasoned scrapper. Bejeweled 2 is published by PopCap known for games such as Peggle and Bookworm.

Match 3D Flick Puzzle showed up in the summer of 2009 sporting a lean physique, and has been called Bejeweled in a 3D cube. Match 3D Flick Puzzle is published by Playscreen, a publisher trying to gain ground in the casual market.

The two contenders will be judged on the following:


A dead heat as both games set their hooks in you right away. From the first time you play you will start seeing possible match combinations wherever you go. In Bejeweled 2 you have a bar at the bottom of the screen to fill to reach the next level, and in Match 3D Flick Puzzle you have a set number of blocks to remove before proceeding.


Bejeweled 2 is the pinnacle of casual gaming with the ordinary classic mode. You can spend hours on a train or bus playing without actually involving your brain into any real problem solving. Match 3D Flick Puzzle demands more out of you even if you choose to play classic untimed mode. This is because of the perspective of a 3D cube that takes more effort to process. If you want your match 3 game to be of a more hardcore nature Match 3D Flick Puzzle is a perfect choice.

Game modes

Match 3D Flick Puzzle has got more options letting you play timed/untimed and with or without locked blocks but in the end both games have the same game modes making it yet another dead heat. Classic, survival and endless are available for both games.


Bejeweled 2 is really slick with great effects and no tendencies for any glitches or hiccups. Match 3D Flick Puzzle has got some glitches and jagged edges when you rotate the cube. But it looks fantastic anyway, and the accomplishment of creating a working match 3 3D cube is remarkable. Thus I have to give the graphical edge to Match 3D Flick Puzzle.


Another dead heat as first of all both games let you continue listening to your own music, a must for any casual game. The voice, sound effects and mystical ambient music of Bejeweled 2 are of high quality. In Match 3D Flick Puzzle you get three tracks to listen to with two being quite calm, and one being really catchy techno stuff(“A Born Winner”). In conclusion both games give you ear candy, and further enhance the addictiveness.

Game life

Both games lack online scores, unlockables and achievements needed to reach the top ratings. I find this strange that such a basic feature as online leader boards is missing in two major match 3 games. If you get hooked though you can keep playing these for too much.


Finally the fun factor, and that is a hard one to determine as it is really all about my personal taste. I have to award the fun factor to Bejeweled 2 as it lets me enjoy gaming even when I am tired after a long day at work. The voice in Bejeweled 2 telling me that my score is amazing really lifts my mood, and it is easy to have another go just to get that positive reinforcement. Match 3D Flick Puzzle is a fun game too, but also demanding more of me as a player.

And the winner is…none…or actually both of them!

Final Rating


I can’t pick a winner as both of these are high quality titles easily recommended. Both lack online scores which drags the final scores down by at least half a star each. Bejeweled 2 is the perfect casual game while waiting for the bus, and Match 3D Flick Puzzle is perfect for the longer train ride.

Bejeweled 2 $2.99

Match 3D Flick Puzzle $3.99

Match 3D Flick Puzzle Lite


Match 3D Flick Puzzle


Bejeweled 2

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  • Nacho

    I spoke about Match 3D on the podcast. I didn’t like the gameplay or graphics much. I would have given it 2 stars.

  • William D. Volk

    Hey, thanks for the great review.

    Match 3D online scoring and social network tools are in development. Expect to see them in a future release.

    Once again, thanks.


    I like this form of reviewing. it is very interesting and fun to read.

  • Dave

    I like both these games, but my favorite match 3 app is still The Treasures of Montezuma. It’s like Bejeweled on crack.

  • Tooltip

    From this to I think I’m going to pick the third one, Alchemize. This game takes the match-3 type of puzzles to the next level.

  • Bjame

    Alchemize is way better then both of them… It is the best puzzle game… and now is only $2.99. a must have for all puzzle gamers out there that think Bejeweled and Tetris are the best. they must think again. Alchemize RULZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    I tried the lite version of Alchemize and found it extremely slow for a match 3. Will see if I have time to try the full version later on.

  • Keira

    Alchemize is a mellow game in the beginnig but I personally love this especially when I get to higher levels (and troubles) :) . I too consider it a good competitor to the game above. IMO Lite version of Alch is not a good representation of the game because it shows you only the gameplay mech. and overall UI, but not event .1% the challenges and excitement the full vers. makes you feel.

  • Tys

    i tested also the lite version of Alchemize and it is a demo/lite… what can you expect… and after i checked the videos… and the reviews on the web… i got it. this game really test you intelligence. it is not just a match 3 game (way to dumm game like this)… Alchemize comes with changeing dynamics after level 10 when you see that what you do early in the game can have fatal consequences later. and ppowerups… man they are good… hope that santa comes more and more with them

  • MarcoP

    i get way to soon bored at bejeweled like games… i tried Alchemize Lite and it got my attention a little bit… hope that you guys are right about Alchemize… going to buy now the full version

  • Tim

    alchemize is only 99cents. this is tooooo looooowwwww for such a game. wow

  • Kiera

    Yep, at this price is a total bargain. But be happy and put your hands on it while it’s on sale.