Bedbugs Review

Bedbugs is an intriguing game. In it, you are charged with keeping a man asleep as he’s assaulted by all manner of… well, I think they’re supposed to be bedbugs, hence the title. In my opinion, they seem more like gooey aliens for the most part. Essentially, you must tap the bedbugs to ward them off, and give your comatose comrade more green Z’s to stay sound asleep.

As you progress through the levels, there are more and more kinds of bedbugs, ranging from the initial gooey ones which just need a tap to pop, to the sheep which you must bring to our sleepy friend. There are also cows, which must be shaken enough to ring their bell three times. There are more then just bedbugs though, for it seems some fairies have decided to come help you as well. If you tap these creatures, they hurt your pal, but if you leave them be, they toss more Z’s to him. Each level gives you some new challenge, be it a new baddie, or a new twist to an old one. For instance, as you progress, you discover black sheep. These must be left alone until they turn white, at which point you may bring them to him.

bedbugs 2

There are twenty-eight levels to go through, including four bonus levels. It took me about an hour and a half to get through them all, making it a fairly short run-through. The bonus levels are the closest thing we’re given to a “survival mode,” and we get one every ten levels. In them, you fight against the enemies you’ve encountered up to that point, and try to keep your tired traveler asleep as long as possible. Your score in these levels are added to your total score, and all levels are replayable, so you can try for perfect scores all the way through.

Unfortunately, while the massive variety of enemies keeps it interesting, it also makes a couple levels quite frustrating. The game does not tell you how to defeat the new foes. This would make for a good challenge, trying to figure it out as you play, but on the later levels they are thrown at you with many other enemies, making it nigh impossible to figure it out and stay alive the first time.

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Presentation & Graphics

Smooth cartoon graphics, background has almost a pop-up book feel to it.


Background music doesn’t seem to fit, but the sound effects are good.


Simple concept, but the variety of enemies makes it challenging.

Levels are all replayable, and you get marked for perfects, so there is some incentive to go through again.

Game Rating


I wish there was a little more to it. Perhaps a survival mode that you unlock after beating all the levels, which give you progressively harder bedbugs to ward off the longer you last. Decently solid tap game though, it will keep you entertained for an hour or two.

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