Beats Wireless Over-Ear Headphones review

Nothing can stop me from rocking out now, Kamblad Style!

The Beats by Dr Dre Studios redefined the headphones industry, and turned both Monster Cable and the Beats brand into worldwide leaders. The great deep, almost thunderous bass combined with a lavish style made them irresistible to young bass heads all over the world. I remember first trying them on, and rocking it out in front of a set of mirrors in pure mad fun bliss. The only thing that kind of got in the way was the cord.

The Beats Wireless is basically what you get if you combine the Studios with the smaller Solo HD. Some of the depth of the bass found in the Studios has been lost, and instead it got some of the muddiness found in the Solo HD. Had these been corded I would have been much harsher in my judgement, but given that these manages to produce a strong bass over Bluetooth I am more lenient.

The rest of the sound spectra is quite all right using the Beats Wireless, but it is far from what you might call balanced or crystal clear. It is however fun, and that is the thing about the brand. It is made to make you move, and without a cord you can move even more freely.

Battery life is excellent at between eight to ten hours, and you can still use them while charging them. There are two versions of the Wireless. The first came without any 3.5mm optional plug, or cord. When it ran out of juice you couldn’t use it. A second version came out due to demand from consumers, and gave you a couple of cords and a 3.5 mm input. If you are in the market for a set of Beats Wireless make sure to get the new model. Both to get the corded option, but also to make sure you get a fresh built in chargeable battery.

Build quality has always been a concern for the Beats by Dr Dre over-ear, and on-ear headphones. The same issues with frail headband can be found on the Beats Wireless as well. It might not be as prone to hitting the ground, as there is no cord to get stuck on. Furthermore these come with a quite flimsy padded pouch where a hard case would have been preferred.

The Beats Wireless was one of few options if you wanted heavy bass without cords when it was released. Now there is a much better, and more durable option in the UE 9000. If you want to have the Dr Dre sound wireless I do recommend you to get the newer version, and to buy them new.

Final Rating


Beats Wireless at 2799 SEK

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