Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD review

Without a shadow of a doubt the Solo HD is the best-looking pair of on-ear headphones out there. My three-year-old daughter exclaimed that they are “riktigt mycket fina”, which translates into very much nice. Co-workers in their forties also find the Solo HD to be a great look, as it isn’t too big and still it makes a huge statement.

I reviewed the ordinary Solo earlier, and not much has changed in the new HD version. The mere HD concept has been watered down the last five years, and it is by no means an easy concept to translate into a piece of headphones. Without the original Solo to do side-by-side comparisons to I have to rely on my memory. When it comes to the sound the Solo HD delivers the same full bass that the over-ear Beats by Dr Dre Studios. It is impressive to have this amount of sound in such a small package. Compared to the new Bose OE2i it packs a better punch with a crispier bass, and better mid range. However the high end can feel a bit neglected, and at times the sound becomes muddled. This of course depends on the sound source material.

The design issues the original Solo had has been kept in the Solo HD. The great looking design is cheaply manufactured. If you hold one ear cup, and gently rock the headphones they rattle. This might not sound like such a big issue, but there are too many reports of snapped Solo/Solo HD out there that they feel brittle. Compared again versus the Bose OE2i the Solo HD is not made to last for ordinary life. I would not use the Solo HD in bed, as turning over on the side would put them in jeopardy of breaking. The metal piece inside the headband is a bit too short when I wear them fully extended.

Considering how frail the Solo HD is I am surprised that there is no hardcase included in the lavish package. You get a soft pouch that won’t protect the headphones if you have them in a bag that is tossed around. Folded inside the pouch the Solo HD is slightly stronger though, as the headband is fully supported by the internal metal band.

You get more or less everything else you would expect from a product from Monster Cable. Including a great ControlTalk microphone with volume controls. A strong zero noise cord that detaches. A great feature, as you won’t have to replace the entire set of headphones if the cord breaks.

At 20$ extra compared to the ordinary Solo the HD version comes with boosted bass, and an overall better performance. The frail design of the headbands, and the slightly cheap feel of the product has not been addressed at all. I see no point whatsoever to buy the Solo HD if you already own the original. The only reason to get these over the Bose OE2i is the sleek look. And who doesn’t want to look cool?

Final Rating


Link to retailers in Scandinavia:

Solo HD at $199.95

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  • Silent Rocco

    And I think Beats are some of the ugliest headphones out there. Stupid bling bling crap in your face without any elegance. That’s taste I guess. Personally, Bowers and Wilkins’ P5 define the kind of beauty I like.

  • As

    ur fukd
    beats r sick

  • Abmac

     You just won the number one hater in the haters ball!!!!!!!

  • SexyElevator

    Nice spelling you got there.

  • Xin954019313

    i very link  go buy Beats by Dr Dre Solo

  • esion lin
  • Jimc1128

    Sorry for that money, “frail design” and “cheap feel” will keep me from purchasing this product.  Thanks !

  • James

    hahahaha sit the fuck down ”As”

  • Gues

    dyra i Sverige!

  • njklj

    Personally, i think that the Bowers and Wilkins’ P5 are THE ugliest headphones out there

  • Guest

    I think Beats in general is a quite dishonest company as they don’t put a single claimer that these headphones do not work on Samsung phones, which is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. I received these as a gift but they turn out to be useless because I am using a Galaxy S3, I cannot change volume, I cannot hear calls, the mic does not work, it’s utter bullshit !!!! I will return them….

  • angel

    The noise u hear when u shake em are the ear cover things they move to match your ear when you move or the way you wear em personally I love em work perfect on my windows phone

  • Trenton1212

    I have the beats by dre original solos and they sound AMAZING the only con about it is the headband breaks easily and btw jimc1128 they’re not cheap when you shake them the rattling sound is because the earpiece or whatever it’s called matches to fit your ear shape and moves to fit your comfort and mine still work perfectly after 3 years of use I DEFINITELY recommend them

  • decmbr

    Beats are a gimmick. Ive had a pair since december and not only did I get shocked by my headphones, which seems was a known deffect when I called the beats customer support, but my mic cable ripped apart after less than a year. I’m giving up. These are not for me.

  • marcus j.

    I just ended up buying some fakes

  • bosennica

    People who actually buy headphones for their audio quality and don’t just want to be a hipster like everybody else use brands like audio technica or sennheiser. Silent rocco actually had a valid argument and some illiterate swagfag replies with ‘ur fukd
    beats r sick’ ask any audiophile and they will say exactly what I said in my first sentence.