Be Together review

To be with you I can bounce across the clouds.

I really like it when a game positively surprises me, and Be Together is the biggest surprise of the year yet. At first glance it looks like just another cute physics puzzle game with a slight nod to Rolando in the art department. Our head honcho Nigel summarized it as looking like an iBlast Moki clone, and that didn’t help my expectations. Sure iBlast Moki is one of the best physics games out there, but I really don’t like clones. Luckily Be Together is a unique game with stellar puzzles, and level design.

Be Together is a game about uniting two friends, or lovers as the story isn’t all that clear to their status. Where is the Facebook status update when you actually need it. I personally really enjoy the basic premise of uniting objects as seen in Tito´s Shell, and Ilo and Milo on Windows Phone. It makes for a feelgood experience compared to just finding exits, and portals.

Maya and Ruby move according to momentum, and laws of physics. I found the physics to be quite balanced, and never felt that the game cheated to be able to create weird levels for example. Sure you get portals, and move clouds in the sky but beyond that this game feels realistic.

Pressing play in the top right corner starts the action, and usually one of the friends starts rolling. Before pressing play you have had the chance to place a few items to create a way for the two friends to hook up. Bouncy clouds, helpers that lift your character, ramps and teleporters are examples of items to place.

The level design is really good, and to be able to get all three stars on all levels you will have to really tinker with the solutions. There are often several different ways to solve a level to get the friends to hook up, but only one that enable you to collect all three stars. There are also extra friends to be found in a few of the levels. Getting these unlocks bonus levels.

There is iAP to get more hint bulbs to get the best solutions for three stars. Only those that get anxiety attacks if a star or two is missing will need to get some extra hints. Most of us can accept a missed star, or go back a week later to give it another try.

The presentation is cute as a button with a lot of cool details, and movements in the background. It all looks a bit like Rolando, which isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps Maya and Ruby lack a bit of own personality, and I would have liked some way to customize their appearance. The mellow soundtrack harmonizes well with the gameplay.

Be Together is one of the best physics puzzles lately combining cute graphics, excellent level design and high production values. Loads of achievements, hours of puzzles and the feelgood game design make it hard to quit playing.

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Be Together $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod

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  • Zzz

    I love this game!