Battleship Classic Review

Have you ever wanted to pull out that dusty old Battleship game, only to find that you’re missing half the ships? When this happened to me, I turned to the Battleships Classic app to ease my nostalgia.

I can assure you that you are better off whittling your own ships out of toothpicks and playing on napkins at Denny’s then to play this game. The best part of this game is the instructions page, because at least that looks cool. It uses a hand-drawn blueprint style, which was fun.

Battleship 2

The game starts off like classic battleship as you place your ships on the board. However, now you can place them diagonally, rather than just horizontally or vertically. They also take up tetris sized chunks on the board’s grid. Another notable difference is the omission of standard 1-turn gameplay per player. Instead, each player gets as many shots as he has ammo during each turn. As you loose your fleet, your ammo gets depleted and you have fewer shots per round.

I placed my shots and hit fire, expecting to see either a cool little animation or a rundown as to where I hit and where I missed. No such luck. I was forced to sit through a crudely animated fire sequence of a ship shooting., In the distance you see the shot either disappear into the distance, or an explosion. It then switches so you can see where your opponent fired, with no immediate review as to where you hit or missed. Rinse and repeat, until the game is over.

There is no options menu, and with that, no way to skip the fire animation, turn off sound effects, or even switch difficulty. I switched over to multiplayer, thinking that it would be wifi enabled. At least I could have a little fun with a friend sometime. Unfortunately the multiplayer is only local, with both people using the same phone. This requires you to hold the phone out of your friend’s field of vision to place your ships, and then have him do the same. I played three games against the iPhone, hoping that there would be something I missed, but I saw nothing new.

Battleship 3

There is no background music in this game, aside from what plays on the main menu. The sound effects are basically cannon fire and explosions.

There are some good things about this game, amidst the problems I’ve stated above. I like the nine shots per round, with the decreasing ammo as ships are lost. It makes the classic game more interesting. Also, the ships being Tetris shapes rather then lines is a nice change, as it is now more then simply looking for a strand of four open spots where the battleship might be. The diagonal placement helps with that as well.

Presentation & Graphics
Animations are not well done, and is badly in need of a settings screen.



There is no background music and the firing sounds sound sketchy.



What can I say, it’s Battleship, with a couple new tweaks, and the multiplayer is nice, even if it is only local.



What game life? After the first game you will be so sick of the firing animation that you will want to delete the app.

Game Rating


The game is definitely not worth the $1.99 price tag currently posted to it. If they gave it an option to turn off the animations and adjust settings, it would get a higher rating.

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  • Baris

    Actually, watching the animations might be crucial to people who would like to win the game because it is the only way you can see if you hit something or what you’ve hit…

  • Justin G

    wrong, because on your next turn you can see where you’ve hit and missed. all the animation does is show you if you hit something before your opponent shoots, it doesn’t show you where.