Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

EA’s first big attempt at a first person shooter.   Bad?  Good?  Decent?  Read on…

The console version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 set a very high standard for EA’s same titled iPhone game.  Is it as good as the console version?  No.  But it is still a very decent iPhone game.  Set in what seems to be the middle of an ongoing mission, BFBC2 starts you out looking for a stolen “server,” which contains information necessary to the creation a Russian “super weapon.” Not much for a story, but the gameplay is fun enough to keep things interesting.  BFBC2 offers 14 single player levels, a 4 person online multiplayer, and a huge pile of weaponry.

img_0301The solo campaign takes the player to several different locations, such as jungle and snow environments as you chase down the enemies in possession of the stolen server.  The voice acting is pretty decent, mostly because one of the main characters is a replica of “Sarge” from Halo who fancies saying damn as often as possible.  As usual, you play as the rookie who is somehow the hero of the game.  I am always worried about the controls in a FPS, but the simplicity of the controls kept the gameplay easy.  Every once in a while I found myself aiming down my sights on accident, but not enough to be a big nuisance.  The main thing I disliked about the single player was that I couldn’t move on until all of the enemies in an area were dead.  I’m no wimp, but getting killed for “leaving the battle area” can be obnoxious.  Also, because there is no jump or climb feature, I would get frustrated when I had to go around a sand bag or a tiny step that I couldn’t climb or walk over.

I greatly enjoyed the variety of weapons and vehicles.  I counted at least 14 different types of weapons including popular video game weapons such as an RPG or an AK47.  Some weapons even had different setups, such as a sub machine gun with img_0325a silencer, or a machine gun with a grenade launcher.  I got all giddy inside when I started a level with a bolt action sniper rifle.  Vehicle levels are pretty fu, although the tank controls can be bothersome. Controlling a mini gun from a helicopter was just plain fun.  One thing I was very impressed with was BFBC2′s saving system.  Every time you complete an objective, your game saves.  No more worrying about having to redo a difficult part because you died from one random guy you couldn’t find.

The single player offers 3 different difficulty levels.  Unfortunately, no matter which level you play on, the AI seems kind of stupid.  You can get pretty dang close to a guy before he notices you, and they rarely move from their positions.  There are 3 different ways to control the game. The default controls require the player to either tap for single fire or double tap for full auto.  The second control scheme has a fire button (which is much easier but can sometimes lead to accidental discharge), and the third scheme has a fire button as well as a joystick. Once you complete the game, you can replay the campaign to hunt down 6 different “Beret soldiers,” each with a different colored beret.  This creates some replay value as well as an addition to BFBC2′s 34 single player achievements.

The multiplayer in BFBC2 works well enough but only supports up to 4 people per game, which can make it difficult to get into a match.  It’s not nearly impressive as Modern Combat 2, or the recently released N.O.V.A. 2, but at least it works via Bluetooth, local wifi, or online. Another knock on multiplayer is the lack of game modes; you can play FFA or 2v2. It is nice to be able to use any weapon seen in single player, but that can also be bad considering one of the assault rifles has a grenade launcher, and some weapons have sights while others don’t, which causes unbalanced online gameplay.  I killed someone with 3 shots from an assault rifle, but it took two shots to kill them with a sniper rifle that is a one shot kill in single player. Perhaps more time should have been spent balancing the weapons for multiplayer. Overall, I had much more fun in the campaign mode and don’t plan on playing the multiplayer very much.  There are 18 multiplayer achievements for all you achievement whores out there.

img_0336As far as visuals and sounds go, BFBC2 has its ups and downs.  The environment and character models are decent, but the guns look fantastic. I enjoyed the variety of sounds that were used for the weapons. Even though some assault rifles had the same sounds as others, a good majority of the weapons all had different, but appropriate sounds. The quality of the voice acting depends on who is talking; some characters seem to sound more convincing than others. The friendly AI could sometimes get annoying and even repetitive, but it was always fun to hear the enemies scream “grenade!” in Russian.

Overall, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a good first person shooter for the iPhone.  It is currently $0.99 but the price is going to increase once EA’s sale is finished.  If you are looking for an extensive online multiplayer, this isn’t your game.  But for the price, it is worth picking up for the campaign experience.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $4.99 (still on sale)

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  • Johnny

    Wow, i thought completely different! i thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer mode, spending several hours playing it and utterly detested the campaign. Everyone has their respective opinions i guess!

  • Thefunkhunter

    Compared to the competition bad company is pathetic compared to mc black Pegasus good review, good value for .99 but there are much better fps for the iPhone available

  • Jack

    Can some one la tell me where the green beret soldier?? any one??

  • Jack

    Sorry what I am asking is does anyone know where the green beret soldier is PLZ

  • Need the last green beret

    Last green beret please tell me or die lol

  • Jsjhcjjrjshsiejs

    Does anyone now were the pink beret soldier is or the green beret solider

  • JcAlvarez

    The pink beret is on Mission 6: Unwelcome Guest (Hard). Ive found all the color berets but the green one still missing. I havent play all the missions on easy, just normal (duh) and hard. That ecofriendly-green-bastard maybe hiding in a easy mission!

  • BadWolf

    The Green Beret is in the ‘Hide and Seek’ level on easy. Just at the beginning after you run up the ramp into the second building, you kill two guys and instead of going into the building, go to the back of it and you’ll see the little bastard running around there. Hope you find him, God knows it took me forever.

  • JcAlvarez

    I knew that green bastard had to be in a easy level!!! Thx BadWolf!!! I was begining to have problems with my girlfriend becuase of this hahaha. Anyhow, there’s only one achievement left and its killing an enemy with his own grenade. I’ve probably kill like hundreds with their grenade but no award, I even try shooting up the grenade in mid-air out of desperation. Is there a special way for getting this?

  • Jack

    Omg that lol biotch was there the the hol time!!??

  • Anthony

    I am having the same problem with the grenade achievement must be a glitch in the game we should report it to the iTunes store. Does anybody know precisely where the Pink Beret soldier is on mission 6?

  • Bob

    Hey Pat Dunn,

    Can you see if they are planning on making an iPad app for this game.


  • Anthony

    I reported the it’s yours achievement problem to the app store if a few more players report it you might see an update on your iPod soon. They will usually make fixes according to the amount of people that report it the more report the faster and mire Likely it is to be fixed. So if you want that achievement report that problem to the app store.

  • JcAlvarez

    Pink soldier is hiding behind bars on one of the hall ways in mission 6 (hard). It had happened to me that if he kills you first, you wont get the achievement. You’ll have ti restart the mision, continue wont work. It happened to me with two different berets (blue and pink). Maybe another glitch. Im gonna rry and report the glitch on the “own grenade” thing.

  • Anthony

    Awesome! Thanks

  • Anthony

    Thanks now i have the rainbow achievement.

  • Anthony

    Still everyone report the it’s yours trophy problem

  • Pat Dunn

    You can play the current version on iPad, but it is the same size and resolution as the iPhone version. Even if they were coming out with an iPad version I either wouldn’t know or wouldn’t be able to say. Looks like you’re stuck on an iPhone.

  • Anthony

    Now you should be able to get the it’s yours achievement after you update the app then go to the bridge assault level and get to the part right after you get out of the vehicle then you kill 3 Russian then you go over right to the top of the ramps you look down and there  is a burnt out vehicle there are three men down there if you snipe out the one second closest to the ocean then snipe out the one closest to the wall then if no one has thrown a grenade at you yet wait for the closest one to the ocean and if he hasn’t thrown one at you after 1 minute restart the level and it should work then. Placement of men is not according to the man on the dock just kill him first it will make things alot easier you can kill him first by moving to the left hand side when you are on ground level then you should be in range just assassinate him right then. You will know when you get the trophy it will flash up in the screen then you dont have to wait until the end of the level if it doesn’t flash up on the screen you didn’t earn the achievement. 
    Aerosmith+Styx Forever

  • Jim Egli

    Where’s the blue beret soldier??

  • norbit

    how do you get cowboy?? i stole the pink berets revolver and killed like 20 ppl with it but i didnt get the achievment?? :S

  • Gay boy

    There is a revolver on mission 6 in the toilets were a guy with a shotgun comes out of then use it on the guys in the control room

  • Rhys

    Hi! I’ve managed to get every achievement except for the master of destruction where you have to blow up the enemy radio. I thought it meant level 3 but apparently not. Any help plz?!

  • Bobby

    the radio is on the first level after u kill the guy in the tower its at the part where sarge tells u to kill 3 guys quietly,it is on a table

  • Nicholasgrgr

    How do I get the pink berets revolver?!I can’t get inside his area!!

  • Moe

    I’m stuck on mission 11 “iPhone version”.. I got to a boat with a big gun. But no matter what I shoot at, the armoured vehicle still gets blown up! Anyone knows what I’m supposed to shoot at?

  • Giba

    Shoot three red tanks under the bridge.

  • Sillare

    The blue beret is on the mission “night games”. When you snipe people from the roof, he cones out along with all the other snipers

  • Ahmed

    how i do open gate1 from control room in mission 6 (for iphon)

  • Mexican

    Where can you find the black and orange berets!

  • anonymous

    what is a dead zone and how do you get the acheivment.

  • mans1ay3er

    Anonymous to get this achivement you must run from enemies backwards or forwards and die then

  • No one

    What is the lost acivement