Battle Blasters review

The duel, is there any more intense situation to be found in the repertoire of mankind? Well childbirth might be a bit more intense, but other than that a duel between two combatants is up there at the top when it comes to stress. The fact that only one walks away from a duel, and that you have only yourself and your own abilities to thrust for survival induces panic in most duellists. Battle Blasters is a game that brings the duel to the touch screen.

In Battle Blasters you control a character at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the character launches a special weapon, a quick swipe upwards sends a quick attack, a slow swipe sends a slow attack. All weapons are ballistic, sending projectiles, plasma, fire and ice at your opponent. By swiping downwards you initiate a quick shield that can ricochet slow powerful attacks back at the opponent. Dodging by walking left and right is also important to win a match in Battle Blasters. The controls are really well made, and it is easy to get going.

img_0080There is a campaign mode where you go through a series of matches, and by completing it you unlock new characters and a supreme difficulty level. All characters in the game have their own attacks, and abilities. Slow but powerful, agile and less powerful, freeze enemy shots and you get to learn how to use different strategies depending on the chosen character. There is not much of a story to Battle Blasters, and it is actually easier to view it as a game in the same vein as Street Fighter and Tekken.

The graphical effects when the screen fills up with projectiles are really well made. The characters look quite good, even though I at times feel there is a lack of animation to their movement. The menu screens are quite boring, and lack the crisp colours and intensity of the gameplay.

The music comes in snippets that individually are good but when connected they feel a bit disconnected from each other. Each screen seem to have it’s own short tune, and the start and stop of the snippets gets annoying. The sound effects are generally good depending on the character you play. Some have annoying sounds for their attacks, but when in the heat of battle this is a minor problem. The game fades out your own music.

Battle Blasters is really thin when it comes to content. You unlock new characters to complete the campaign with. Other than that there is very little to do. There is no character customization or unlockables. No achievements, and only Facebook Leaderboards available. As I am not a Facebook user I have yet to find out how well I am doing against other players. A local multiplayer mode on the same device is available, but it is really hard to play two people on the same screen. Most of the time you spend knocking your fingers into the opponents fingers, and neither of you actually see the screen. Online multiplayer would be really cool for this game, fingers crossed.

Battle Blasters brings something new to the App Store, an intensity hard to find elsewhere. In the current version it is really thin on content, and I have to take that in consideration for the final score. I give it my limited recommendation due to the lack of content. Battle Blasters is a game that will demand both strategy and quick fingers, and thankfully it gives you the controls to succeed.

Final Rating


Battle Blasters $2.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Little Guy Games Inc

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