Base Jumper Quick Review

Ever wonder what it’s like to jump from low altitude? Well, it’s probably not much like this game, but it sure would be thrilling, wouldn’t it? Not see Base Jumper is an absolutely horrible game, it’s just barely good enough to be passable.

You play as a customizable jumper, and your job is to fly through oncoming rings as you glide towards your target. Your score multiplier gets higher the more rings in a row you fly through. When you are close enough to your target, you pull the zip chord to deploy your shoot and land on the target. That’s it. Unfortunately, the tilt controls are not tight, so it’s difficult to maneuver basejumper-004through the rings. You can hold your finger to slow down your decent, but there is only a limited amount available. The biggest issue with Base Jumper is it’s inclusion of only 3 jumping locations, which means you’ll be done playing after about 5-10 minutes.

Presentation & Graphics
What it lacks with poor quality textures, it makes up for in a very smooth framerate. Unfortunately, it also lacks shadowing on your jumper… like a shadow when you get close to the ground. It kinda feels like you are hanging in front of a screen depicting the landscape, rather than actually flying through it.

Music is very relaxing, and the wind effects are fairly good as well. A shame it just cuts off when you land… and there is no landing sound either.

Very difficult to accurately control. Boring


After you play the three different locations, there’s really no reason to go back and play again. Character customization is quite a bit better than I would have expected, but it’s unnecessary if the main game lacks enough content to support it.

Game Rating

For it’s extremely short play time, Base Jumper provides a mediocre experience. It almost feels more like a game that would be released to promo a TV show, or maybe a sports company, rather than a full fledged iPhone game. Had there been many more locations, achievements to unlock, online scoreboards, or other standard features, it would have been a much better game.

Base Jumper – $.99

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    I thought this was going to be much better