Bad Hotel review

The building rooms in a hotel from a side view while evil enemies try to destroy the hotel genre is born.

Lala, building my nice new hotel. Placing another room, and waiting for the money to work for me. Lala, so happy with my little hotel growing taller.
Get away from my hotel bloody bird! And what kind of bird are these anyway smashing into my hotel with bombs. I am really miffed now, and my hotel got smashed.

Haha, try to get at my rooms now you damn rascal birds. I have got gun rooms ready to blast at you all. Let’s make bird soup gunners! What is this, a thief attacking the lobby instead. And some weird cloud blasting at my defences. Now I am really angry, bring in the mines and rockets. Let’s blast everything that isn’t paying to stay the night!

Bad Hotel is a frantic arcade game where you build a hotel that has to survive for as long as the timer demands. The more room you have for your visitors the more income you generate. Income can be used to buy ordinary rooms, gun rooms for defence, and hospital rooms for example. The ordinary rooms might not be able to defend themselves, but can take a beating and save more important rooms if placed as blockades. Building a proper line of defence with gun rooms, and mine launchers is key to surviving the more intense levels.

The controls is all about choosing a type of room, and then dragging it to a position. A green shadow shows that it is possible to build at the locations, and a red gives a no no. There is a bit of twitchiness to the controls, and too often my rooms tend to get placed slightly off from where I wanted them to be. This makes it harder to execute any proper strategy. Furthermore it is not known from where the enemies will appear, and thus it makes it even harder to build proper defences. I would have liked to be given some kind of wave information, as this game shares some other aspects from the tower defence genre.

Planning on the fly is still most important, and it is an arcade game more that a strategic building game.

Depending on how you build your actions affect the sounds, and music. At least this is true in theory, or for people quicker than me when it comes to building towers under stress. I hear sounds, and I do enjoy the music but I don’t see the connection between me playing and the music changing. Bad Hotel is not a rhythm music game at heart even though it might aspire to include such aspects.

The graphical presentation might not be the hottest one out there, but it manages to create a strange world where it seems appropriate to place guns on hotels to kill bomb carrying birds. One thing I would have liked is to be able to play in landscape mode on the iPad. Now it feels more natural to play Bad Hotel on the smaller iPhone screen.

Bad Hotel is a hard game, and there are some really harsh levels that demand quick decisions and movements. I found the more relaxed early levels to be more suitable to the colorful presentation, and quirky story. When the going gets tough the controls also lack the precision needed to win. Still I think Bad Hotel is something really fresh that I haven’t seen before, and after playing several thousand games for iOS that is quite a merit. And I did enjoy the crazy premise of an evil landlord trying to destroy the hotel for insurance money, nice Mr. Tadstock.

Final Rating


Bad Hotel $0.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Lucky Frame Limited

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