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I have had days that has been really Bad Air Days, actually my current week has been a woeful experience to my wife and children. Some days you just wake up feeling like a gas filled balloon, and others you eat something that don’t agree with your system. Artie has a taco breakfast that sets his bowels into motion. That wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t the elevator conductor at Le Fumé Hotel. Now you have to help disperse Arties noxious bodily outpourings before guests get hurt.

I seldom care for fart apps, and most of them end up being erased after the first couple of minutes. With Bad Air Day I actually started with the lite version, and then got hold of the full version. As games go it is a shame that the game mechanic isn’t put into a more mature game design catering to more than those of us with the worst sense of humour.

img_3260In Bad Air Day Artie farts wet green gas, and you have to guide it towards the vents found in the ceiling of the elevator. The physics to the gas is great, and so are the simple touch controls. At times you have to guide the cloud around guests to avoid them sniffing it. Each guest, and their pet have their own disgust meter. If it fills up completely they die, and you loose one of the three available lives. There are also some sort of floating fart monster that you have to fill with fart to get rid off. If you don’t it will explode into a small green cloud that you have to clean up.

There are a large number of wacky guests entering the elevator, and they all have their own reactions to the fart entering their nostrils. The goal is to keep them safe until you reach the next floor, and they get out. Bad Air Day is a simple highscore game, and once your game is over you start back at the first floor. I would like to have seen an increased difficulty straight away, as it is a bit slow for the first ten floors. Other than high scores there are twelve trophies to gain using your fart avoidance skills.

img_3261The presentation is bright, and filled with personality. All guests are well animated, and so is Artie and his gas. The game is really slow when you start it up, but once loaded it is quick to go back to using the “multitasking”. Of course there is some annoying elevator muzak, and some disturbing/funny fart noises in the game. You can play your own music, and still keep the farts going.

Bad Air Day is probably the first game in the genre I name avoid-farting em’ up. The game mechanics is fun, and easy to understand. The lasting power of the game is low though, as you have to restart from the slow beginning upon death. I recommend you to try the lite version first, and who knows you might be a fan of fart apps after all.

Final Rating


Bad Air Day $0.99 Universal binary
Version: 1.0
Seller: RealNetworks, Inc.

Bad Air Day Lite

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  • Austin M.

    You have been doing a lot of reviews lately, good job!


    He always does a lot of reviews… He’s a machine… Where do you get all that energy Torbjorn ???

  • konejone

    Hiya! Great review. Regarding this comment: “The lasting power of the game is low though, as you have to restart from the slow beginning upon death. ”

    We acknowledged the problem, and an Update is already on the way, bringing in a new feature: power-ups. The first power-up is a Warp, with which you can light-speed your way through the first levels, getting advanced players right to the action.