Back to the Future HD ep 4 – Review

This is Heavy… here we go again with another episode of Telltale Games’ Back to the Future adventure series.

We’ve now reached 4 episodes out of the 5 scheduled for release, so the long journey of repetitive reviews for what is essentially the same core game each time with adjusted content is almost over. I think I can safely say I have also run out of Back to the Future puns as well, which I’m sure we can all agree is probably a good thing.

In the past I have played all the episodes I reviewed on the iPad1, and have only briefly experienced them on the iPad2. For episode 4 however, I have played through entirely on the iPad2 and just tested the performance on the first generation iPad.

bttf1So once again you are back in the shoes of Marty McFly, picking up where episode 3 left off. Doc/Citizen Brown has been taken hostage by Edna Strickland and you are now imprisoned in the Citizen Plus correction cell. Your first port of call is to escape the cell and rescue Doc in true 1980′s style. After this, Doc will need to fix the time machine so you can travel back to 1931 and stop his younger self and the brainwashing Edna ever becoming an item.

Dialogue puzzles play a heavier part in this episode, at times preventing the game from progressing until you´ve exhausted all you available talking points. If you’re a true adventure gamer you’ll likely want to hear everything that everyone has to say so you shouldn’t be faced with this problem. As for the remainder of the game, puzzles are once more generally straightforward and easy to solve much like previous episodes, with the exception of one involving younger Emmett Brown’s latest invention, The Mental Alignment Meter (Well, I at least had some trouble with it at first).

As with previous versions you have to deal with the near broken analogue stick that seems to get more irritating to use with each new episode, simply because you would have expected it to be fixed by now and it’s not. On the first generation iPad you will experience stutters in the audio and visuals too. As I said at the beginning though I played this episode through on my new shiny iPad2 and had very little technical hitches. On rare occasion a slight audio trip would occur, but certainly nothing in comparison to the first generation iPad’s problems.

bttf2The story telling is once more up there with the best, and leaves you on the edge of your seat at the end with a cliffhanger that’s open to all sorts of interpretation. I don’t think I even need to mention the outstanding voice work again as I’d only be repeating myself from the previous episode reviews.

News came out not long ago about a great surprise Telltale has in store for the final episode, The man, Michael J Fox himself will be voicing 2 characters in the final installment. So if you’re starting to get bored of the series, don’t give up yet! He will be acting in a cameo role and not as Marty McFly, but one of the characters is someone we’ve seen in one of the 3 movies.

The only difference between ep4 and all it’s predecessors is the story and locations, all the existing problems and the existing greatness follow over into this episode, so I am sure you can probably already guess what I’ll be scoring this episode …again.

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