Babo Crash review

Yet another match three to add to the pile, so what can Babo Crash do to stay at the top?

Yes, I’m sure I mentioned on an episode of the podcast that I would never review another match three puzzle game ever again. So confident was I that we’d seen all that that genre could offer. There are indeed hundreds of variations of the game on the AppStore, but the promise of a fresh take on it lured me in.

babocrash-2010-03-08-09-58-56-65On booting up Babo Crash, it does initially look just like any other match 3. The game screen is littered with gems which must be swapped to make up lines of no less than three in order for those gems to disappear and allow more to drop into play. What makes this slightly different to many match three offering is the addition of character based powerups. If you match four gems, one of eight characters appear. Once activated each offers a way to clear the board of gems. Aescu for example will shoot projectile vomit and clear any yellow gems in its path; Daemonak, a winged red creature, glides across the play filed crushing gems in it’s path, he can be steered by tilting the device; and Grok performs a spin smash, rebounding off the screen edge and destroying all nearby gems. The others all have their unique abilities, and should you activate more than one at a time, you’ll be treated to a visual ballet of gem destruction.

There are 21 rounds in all, each requiring a quota of gems to be removed before moving onto the next. The rounds also include various obstacles, such as Chompis, that eat your gems and clog up the play field, stopping you from clearing lines. As well as those occasionally bombs will appear, with a target area that it must reach before exploding. You can’t move it directly however, instead you must remove gems below it to get it to the goal. You can also tilt the device in landscape mode to move it in other directions. If you are successful, the bomb will explode and clear all gems, ending the level and putting you into overtime for bonus points.

The fresh take that Babo Crash offers is nothing revolutionary, but I’m glad I gave it a shot, because it is great fun. As with many puzzle games, it is perfect for quick play sessions while on the go.
Babo Crash is out Monday for $0.99

An iPad version is also on the way

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  • AnotherTim

    Damn it, the last thing I need is another match 3. Sigh. I will probably buy it anyway. Curses.