Babeorella Vs Daisy Mae – head to head review

Two babe-a-licious heroines battle it out for alien slaying supremacy, in this head-to-head review.

Here’s the dilemma, you want an arcade shooter featuring a sexy babe and man-eating visitors from outer space… the problem is there are two games that can fulfil your request… so which one to choose? IUGO’s Daisy Mae, or Double six’s Babeorella?


On the face of it, both games offer the same experience. You play as the heroine, taking out wave after wave of alien scum in a game of survival. Both are played in an angled top down view, akin to MiniGore and Guerilla Bob, where much like MiniGore you are placed in a single environment arena. Daisy Mae is based around the surrounding area of a Diner on earth (Quite possibly modelled on the small town of Rachel in Nevada), while Babeorella is set on a rocky alien world.

daisy-babeThe object of both games is to survive as long as possible until you lose your lives, where the ultimate goal is to get the highest score. While Daisy Mae is more of a run and gun shooter, with aliens continually re-spawning towards her, Babeorella is a slightly less hectic affair with a wave based system that gets harder as you progress. The game also includes a credit based upgrade system as well as time based missions/goals and awards. These added features edge out Babeorella to en early lead.

Winner: Babeorella

Presentation and graphics

Both games feature a retro sci-fi style. But Daisy Mae takes it further with a grind-house style look and feel to menus and in-game graphics, complete with film grain. Babeorella has higher resolution textures and more detailed main character animation, but Daisy Mae has more variety of enemy shapes and sizes as well as a larger and more varied game arena.

WINNER: Daisy Mae


As mentioned on the category above, Daisy Mae features more varied enemies. Ranging from smaller bug like  creatures, to huge lizard like monsters. They are very B-movie in appearance and animate well. Babeorella opts for metal instead of flesh, with killer robots in place of aliens. Again these range from smaller disc like bots, larger boxy ones, and razor sharp spinning bots. Being metal however they do not animate well, and so are not as visually appealing nor as challenging to engage in battle.

WINNER: Daisy Mae


img_0756Slaying alien scum obviously requires a good set of weapons, and neither game disappoints. Daisy Mae starts you out with a dual wield pair of tommy guns. Allowing you to pick up a variety of time limited weapons such as shotguns and lasers as you progress, including a powered up pose move that kills enemies int eh immediate vicinity. Babeorella doesn’t have the same variety, but it brings a more unique context sensitive and upgradeable weapons system into play.

There are three levels of attack; short, mid and long range. And two weapon options; small guns, and big guns. Depending on where you are in relation to an enemy will unleash a different attack, so for example hit the bug gun button when in close proximity to an enemy and you’ll unleash an intimate kick (or punch using the small gun button), for mid range attacks this will unleash a powerful laser fire (or a cracking whip using the small gun button), and for long range attacks you’ll unleash a huge power mallet, squashing opponents (or ray-gun fire using the small guns button).

This system works surprisingly well and adds variety to enemy engagements. Each attack can also be upgraded with more damage using credits in the shop (available in the pause menu). Power-ups available from set spawn points int eh level also dish out extra damage, health, the ability to slow down enemies and bombs. These bombs can be unleashed at anytime by holding down the shield button, powering up the bomb and unleashing a devastating shockwave on release, much like Daisy’s pose move.

Out of the two games I preferred Babeorella’s approach to weapons as it felt less repetitive in long play sessions.

WINNER: Babeorella


img_0750The two games have a good level of control, but are slightly different. Daisy is a twin stick shooter at it’s heart, with one virtual stick on the left controlling movement, and a second stick on the right controlling weapons fire direction. This allows you to strafe Daisy left to right will you twist her in the direction of oncoming enemies. Babeorella on the other hand is a single stick shooter, due to the context sensitive weapons, you only need to point her in the direction of the enemies with the control stick on the left and activate the required attack buttons on the right. Both work well, but Daisy edges out Babeorella with customisable controls, including alternatives to the dual stick such a single stick option with auto aim. And while Babeorella’s attack buttons work exceedingly well, the control stick can be a little unforgiving at times.

WINNER: Daisy Mae

Sex appeal

Of course it really comes down to which you prefer… Blondes or Brunettes? Each shake their money maker with equal success, but for me Babeorella wins on her looks. Both games feature unlock-able costumes for their boobs to wobble in.



Both games don’t blow you away on sound. With each game offering a fitting soundtrack to both Daisy’s grind-house roots and Babeorella’s sixties sci-fi. While Daisy Mae’s offers the ability to offer your own music playback, for me Babeorella’s included music and sound effects are better. I love the Mars Attacks style theme, and both weapons and babe’s sound effects are punchier.



This is an easy one. Babeorella is priced at $2.99… which for me is asking a little too much for what is essentially one level of survival mode. Daisy Mae on the other hand is priced at a  slightly more digestible $1.99. Both games however in my opinion, and based on similar games on the AppStore, should be priced at $0.99, with any optional DLC packs offered at a similar price. Babeorella has DLC coming, but for now Daisy Mae wins on price

WINNER: Daisy Mae

The Bottom line

In the battle of the babes, on features at least, it seems to be a tie. However, on price Daisy Mae pops out in front. Prices do change, however, so don’t let this factor in too heavily on your decision of which to pick. It’s best instead to work out from the above categories which is most important for you in an arcade shooter, and make your decision on that.

Both do a good job at what they offer, with neither excelling in any category. For this reason both games get a star rating of 3.5 (Good)


Both games are out now:
Daisy Mae$1.99

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