Babel Rising 3D review

I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you warm tea.

The puny humans have been trying to grasp their existence since the day they crawled out of the ocean. They simply can’t get to grips with the fact that they are as important, as the slime they sneeze from their poorly designed orifices in their faces. To fathom existence they invented religion. Invented is a big word considering us Gods have always been here, and it is blatantly obvious to most that we rule. Sure we all rule in our own special ways. I for one believe in a forceful God whereas others have divided their divinity to a number of deities. I can accept that because it is kind of cool having gods with six arms, or the head of an elephant. I am having a harder time with collective world soul concepts, or modern naturalistic new age hippie crap. But, as a God I have to go with the flow. I don’t want to end up forgotten like my old friend Odin the Norse God who is only remembered by a few confused skinheads, and medieval re-enactors. I am the God of hellfire, and this is my time to shine.

2000 years later.
Sitting here at the retirement home of Gods at Sunshine Meadows in the outskirts of Valhalla I have only my memories, and a scant handful of followers on Earth to keep me going. The memories of those summer days the humans started questioning me are burnt into my essence, and I still take pride in my powers back then. They called me a lot of different names. Some revered me, others feared me, but most of them loathed me. They wanted to be the leaders of their own faith, and fate.

That day it all went down was a bad day. It started all-wrong for me as well. I mean for my own sake I didn’t even find the toothpaste, and the alarm didn’t ring as planned. Nope I was in the middle of my morning routine when the tower was reaching my home. Every deity has to make sure to floss otherwise you won’t be as intimidating with a speck of spinach, or worse classic Brit teeth. And filling virgins with the Holy Ghost is not that easy if your breath smells like a dump. For those reasons I would have my divine home destroyed by the human infestation.

The tower they had built was impressive, and I had to quickly choose my magical powers to counter the attack. With fire, and stone I went to battle. Throwing rocks in their heads with a poke of my godly finger, and creating rifts for them to fall into with a simple two-fingered gesture I tried my hardest. I rained fireballs on them, and used firewalls to kill builders and priests. Not even my extreme power letting a ball roll down the tower could hold them off. I tried attacking the scaffolding using fireballs, but their number was to great, and they just rebuilt them. As the Tower of Babel extended up to me I surrounded gracefully. Sure some eyewitness might have said that they saw me cry, and try to escape with all my gold. Whatever went down doesn’t really matter; as this was the day the humans put me in a home. And I have been sitting here ever since. The only hellfire power I have left I use to warm my lukewarm afternoon tea that always arrives cold.

Babel Rising 3D is a hectic arcade game where you play as God trying to stop the humans building a full tower. Level goals vary, but the gameplay remains the same depending on the elements you choose for your magical powers. Survive for a set amount of minutes, kill a set number of workers or priests are the most common level goals. This is the problem with the game. The levels aren’t that fun, and get really repetitive quickly. It is a shame because the controls are really well executed, and the game looks really good. Panning around the initially scaffold tower, and watch it being built by survivors is really cool. I have let the humans win a couple of times just to watch them build it.

The powers can be upgraded between levels, and this is vital to survival. The power of magic can be souped up, passive skills such as speed of regeneration of power can also be chosen. Finally there are some instant one time usage spells, and abilities to purchase. You gain some of the in game currency playing levels, but the game tries to convince you that you need to use IAP to succeed. For the most part that is not needed. Furthermore the game is quite adamant at trying to get me to rate it, and it also shows other games by the same publisher. Paired with a less than immersive level structure the game tries it hardest to take me out of the godlike feeling.

Babel Rising 3D is a great looking game that controls well, and gives us control freaks a time to control everything. Sadly the level objectives force a repetitive experience making the campaign mode a lot like the survival mode. Furthermore the little story, and immersion within is disturbed by a poor level structure, IAP and ratings popups. Still Babel Rising 3D isn’t all that bad, but just like the Norse gods it doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Final Rating


Babel Rising 3D $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Ubisoft

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