Babe on a beam review

It might sound cruel to let babies balance on beams high above ground but rest assured no babies were hurt writing this review. The premise of the game is really simple; just guide a baby boy across a beam to his beloved bottle. By gently tilting you have to make sure that the suicidal little bundle of joy won’t fall to his death. Of course there is no dead babies in this game, and once you fall birds catch the little bugger and resets him on the beam.

img_0768Once stable on the beam you can do tricks to increase your score. These are performed by touch buttons, and can only be done once the baby is in balance.

Sadly there is not more to Babe on a beam than that. You get more milk bottles and higher score but the game don’t keep any track of scores making it pointless. As it is now it is more like a tech demo, and I think as such it should be free of charge. The foundation to a game is there, and I hope developer Ompyx software injects some game play into Babe on a beam.

Presentation and graphics

The baby is cute, and animates well as he walks across the beam. The background has a nice cell shaded look to it.


No music while on the beam and only the odd giggle from the baby. You can play your own music in conjunction with the sound effects.

img_0769Game play

The controls work quite well even though there is no way to re-calibrate the accelerometer.

There is not much game play to talk about, as you don’t seem to get game over or get challenged in any way at all. It feels more like a tech demo than a game.

Game life

There is nothing to keep you interested in this game, once you played it once there is nothing left to experience. You get a score while playing but there is no high score list to be found.

Final rating

Babe on a beam is not a complete game, and lacks challenge, game play and any reason at all to play on.

Babe on a beam $1.99

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  • Nathan Mustafa, USA

    You see the title and you wonder

  • Rock $ Rolla

    Like the graphics and the title confused me

  • Michela Ledwidge

    Ouch! A shame non-gamers and pre-schoolers don’t write reviews – the target audience for this app. If you’re looking for Grand Theft Auto, stay clear.

    Torbjorn, you missed the dancing baby payoff after level 2 which was kinda the point of this early release. But thanks for the feedback – it’s definitely a work in progress. Love the way your review is also available here –


    .M. (Babe on a beam designer/producer)