Azarachi review

Azarashi is a game that ends within a minute without more content than what is seen within that minute. Beyond the strange name that doesn’t really apply to anything within the game there is not much mystery within this game. Designed by Cave Story creators Studio Pixel it is more of a test of iOS tools than a proper game. Still it manages to become quite addictive for the moment.

Three seal key chains hang from the top, and randomly they drop. You have to quickly catch them by throwing a dart through the keychain loop. It is easier than it sounds, and you just have to tap the falling seal. If you tap before it drops the dart kills the seal gruesomely. The quicker you catch them the better you score. This is done in three rounds, and then the final score is calculated. As the game is random it is hard to really improve.

New key chains are unlocked, but that is all. There is no online score functionality, no achievements and nothing to do besides playing what is basically a mini game. I found it to be incredibly thin, which is a shame since I like the concept, artwork and 8-bit music. Much like the game this review will be but a brief entry in the blogosphere. I hope to see more from Studio Pixel, and that whatever they do will have more depth and content.

Final Rating


Azarashi $0.99
Version: 1.01
Seller: Studio Pixel / AMAYA DAISUKE

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  • GHz Charles

    Interesting looking game, though I’m not sure how the dart kills them if they already have that keychain jammed in their head. Still, for a dollar, it’s hard to complain.