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Tower defense games have made a highly successful journey from the PC screen to that of the iPhone. It is one of the genres overcrowding the App Store, and it is thankfully one of the genres I enjoy the most on the go. Simple strategic gameplay, important decisions on tower placement and upgrades, and of course a good balance always keeping you on the edge of loosing are important elements of a good example from the genre. Sadly AutoRobot TD – Defend and Defeat fails on two of the three elements.

img_1876It has simple strategic gameplay where you place towers along the set path of the incoming enemies. A green circle outlines the range of the tower, and lets you plan accordingly. Tapping a tower lets you upgrade, or sell it. This is all basic tower defense stuff, but it is vital to get it right. So far AutoRobot TD does well in providing simple, easy to get into gameplay.

There are different towers to place, but it is never clear to how much or what kind of damage they do. Should I use cannons or missiles? There is no way to tell, and thus I place one of each. Upgrading the heck out of them I can beat most levels easily on normal difficulty. This is without any knowledge to base my decisions on. A help page shows some basic information, but there is not enough information for comparison between towers. Furthermore I never get that feeling that my base is under threat. AutoRobot TD thus fails on both the second, and third element.

The graphics in AutoRobot TD is a mixed bag. The towers look cool, and so does some of the massive bosses. Maps, menus and the user interface look boring, and the promised Retina HD graphics are poor. Some cool riffing music accompany the soon grating sound effects. You can play your own music instead.
img_1878OpenFeint is used for online leaderboards, and achievements. There is the option to play local multiplayer by means of Bluetooth or WiFi. I have not tried that option for this review.

There are two game modes: endless and arcade. Endless is exactly what it sounds like, and arcade lets you play on 60 different levels. The levels are generally easy, and there is no story or anything to keep you going.
AutoRobot TD starts up with an add for other games from the developer, and I found that really annoying. If a customer pays $2.99 for your product you have to be subtler in your use of adds. Having a small close button in the corner that is hard to click is a big no no. You can have a menu option to view other products like Gameloft and Namco generally have.

AutoRobot TD is a basic set path tower defense game that suffers from being too easy, too hard to get information to make informed decision and lacking any kind of excitement. If you are a fan of the genre you will be disappointed.

Final Rating


AutoRobot TD – Defend and Defeat $2.99
Version: 1.00
Seller: Luke Yang / Mobile Force

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