Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles Quick Review


by Matt Dunn

Aurora Feint is one of the most well known titles in iPhone gaming. With the release of Aurora Feint II: The Arena, it was made apparent that the developers are serious about adding features and innovative play to an already successful series. Tower Puzzles is a standalone version of the excellent “Tower” in the main Aurora Feint games, but is it worth the $2 price tag?

towerpuzzles1The Tower puzzles in the main Aurora Feints are my favorite part of the game. To unlock elemental upgrades, you must clear the screen of all orbs in a set amount of turns, using the gameplay elements from standard AF “mining.” It’s a simple concept, but some of more infamous spells are really hard to crack! Fornutaly, for people that were frustrated with the puzzles in the main game, Tower Puzzles is not nearly as difficult. There are 37 total levels (or “floors”) in the tower. I was able to beat all 37 in 2 sittings, with the remaining three levels only taking about 10 minutes to complete (probably about 45-60 minutes total to beat the whole game). Granted, I’m not new to these puzzles, so for people who are, this could provide quite a bit more gameplay than it did me. Unfortunately, for veterans of the series, it probably won’t prove much of a challenge, and it will leave you wanting more.

Presentation and Graphics:
The same beautiful artwork and effects of the original AF games. No lag at all.

See above, but replace “artwork and effects” with “music and sound.”


Excellent gameplay, with excellent use of AF gameplay mechanics. Great saving/continue when the game is interrupted. Can choose and replay any level you’ve previously beaten. I had two levels freeze the game after I beat them, and it required me to replay them again after I quit the app.

This is a very short game for the experienced player, and probably not all that long for a newer player easy, as about 80-90% of levels are pretty easy. There is really no reason to return to this game after playing it, and sadly there is absolutely no connection with the main Aurora Feint games. It’s enjoyable for the brief time you’ll be playing it.

Game Rating

It’s a good thing that Tower Puzzles is priced at only $2, as it is a game that you won’t be playing for very long. Fortunately, it’s a lot of fun, and looks and sounds amazing for that short time. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that after playing this my Tower skills have improved quite a bit, so even though there’s almost no replay value, and no connection to the main AF games, it will probably help me in the Tower when I’m playing Aurora Feint II: The Arena. I would recommend getting the game before January 1st, while it’s still $.99. However, $2 not too expensive for the quality of the experience you get.

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  • derrick

    how do you beat floor 29 i keep getting stuck with 1 green or 1 grey ball left