Assault Commando – Review

Explosions, action and pure adrenaline: that is what Assault Commando is all about.

Assault Commando is Top Down 3D shooter and it is Rambo Style. It is basically an arcade shooter, where you will be able to play through six levels (they each take around 5-10 minutes long, if you don’t die) and you will need to kill everyone and everything that steps in your way. As the game progresses, it gets more difficult, but you will also have more weapons available. There are only three variations of weapons though, that is: an assault rifle, an RPG and a shotgun (and there are also grenades). The assault rifle is the one you will be using most of the game and the RPG you will use to destroy buildings (yeah, you can do that) and vehicles. The shotgun on the other hand, is mostly used when a bunch of enemies are coming to attack. I found it to be kind of overpowered, but it is a shotgun after all.


The controls are pretty easy but they can get kind of confusing sometimes. On the left side there is the usual joystick, to move the player. On the right side there is a list of the weapons you have available and all you have to do is press the one you want to use in the moment. That made it pretty easy to just switch through weapons without losing much time in the process, but it was a pain sometimes because the circles were pretty much together and sometimes I would hit the wrong weapon and get my ass whooped because of that. Of course, that is a problem of the screen size itself, but it also lies on the design a little bit.

Although the game is quite fun, there is no real variation to the gameplay and the lack of storyline (Note: the build we played had some storyline texts missing, we don’t know exactly how much though) makes the game a little bit less entertaining. All you really have to do is run forward all the time and kill anything that comes your way until you reach the end. Once you are at the end of the map, there will be a boss. These bosses though didn’t really present a threat, they would take longer to kill but they weren’t really that hard, and I was playing it on medium difficulty. That is with the exception of the last one. Now THAT was a difficult boss. There are also some levels where you will either use a truck, where you will just control the turret, or a boat, where again you just shoot and don’t drive.

ac2The visuals are also pretty impressive for it not to be Retina Display-supported. The developers have told us though that they will release a Retina Display supported version later on, and maybe even an iPad version. The music was also really good, it helped you get pumped and get through the game. What seemed kind of annoying from time to time was the voice of the main character. He would shout stuff and at the beginning it was cool hearing him say “take that” and what not, but it seemed to occur quite too often for my taste.

In the end, the game is pretty fun; it is definitely the most explosive iPhone game I have ever played. If you are a fan of this kind of games, that is Top Down 3D Shooters, you should definitely think about getting it once it is released (developers said they will send it for approval next week). The developers have also told us that they will be working on the design and gameplay, as well as adding more levels, for future updates. For now though, keep in mind that the lack of storyline and gameplay variation might make the game a little bit monotonous after a little while.


Here is the official trailer of the game:

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  • AnotherTim

    I’ve noticed Jose is writing a lot of reviews. Nice work, Jose. If Torbjorn gets back to his old pace, you two will be the Siskel & Ebert of iPhone games. Next step–Jose & Torbjorn Podcast!

  • Jose Ramos

    haha thank you AnotherTim! I appreciate it. I actually enjoy it here at TouchGen, which is why I think I am motivated to write so many reviews.

    I hope you have enjoyed them though! It is always quality over quantity that really matters :) .


    PS. It is worth mentioning that Torb hasn’t been able to post much cause as of right now, he has no device to play on. He is waiting for his iPhone4! So I am sure he will be back soon enough.