Arrowhead Chase Review

When I saw this game advertised on the forum, my first reaction was that I really wanted to play it right away. It looked so cool and unique. Now it’s a couple of weeks later, I have played it quite a bit and I still find it cool and unique. Sadly, I also find it incredibly boring.

The game is about a colourful and nicely animated figure called Arrowhead. For some reason you chase it around tunnels and you get points when you find him, the quicker the better. Arrowhead doesn’t like to be tracked, but I don’t know why as there is no story. It’s just you racing Arrowhead to the finish. Arrowhead doesn’t move continuously but instead it waits for you to catch up until it continues the race. There is no real feeling of racing as you just have to catch up and the route is not known.

arrowheadArrowhead moves ever quicker until finally you make a mistake or two and the game is over. You get a high score and then it is back to level 1 and you will have to go through the slow pace of the first levels again which is just tedious. I tried to play versus my wife taking turns at beating the high score, sadly neither of us wanted to play more than one game each… plus, I didn´t win! Believe me I’m the first to admit being a sore loser and will always ask for a rematch, but not so in Arrowhead Chase. More game modes are needed, with the first up on my wish list being a frantic mode starting of at level 20. There should also be a mode where you compete for longest distance travelled in a minute or so.

“But hey, you say about the game being cool and unique, what do you mean?” Well, the game gets the controls spot on, I really enjoy how well it works to move the iPhone around to move from room to room. Going to the right – move the iPhone to the right. Going forwards – move the iPhone away from you. This is brilliantly executed and my first thought while playing Arrowhead Chase was that this engine could be used to create a Warioware styled micro sequence game. On the iPhone we have Smack Me proving that this type of game works really well. The engine could also be used to create a rhythm based game with a dancing Arrowhead. Maybe just ramblings from me, but I really think that the developer Caluliber could use the control mechanism better than just chasing arrows.

This was reviewed using version 1.0 that has a lot of problems with crashing, a fix is awaiting approval. I am not letting the crashing issue affect my score. If you are interested in getting Arrowhead Chase then you may want to wait until the new version shows up in Itunes.

Presentation and graphics
Colourful and really pleasing for the eye to behold. Arrowhead is nicely animated and I really enjoy the body language it shows when you catch up to it.

An upbeat jazz techno track that starts out fine but soon becomes an annoyance. Fades away iPod music. The only sound effect is a swoosh when Arrowhead moves away.

Game play
Controls are great and worth 4-4,5 stars but sadly there is not much game to control. Just chasing an arrow around is kind of boring at best but when it waits for you it gets really tedious. A more fluent race experience would be appreciated.

Game life
The main reason to play this is the innovative controls. I don´t see myself playing this other than for that reason since chasing high scores is too slow when you have to restart at such a slow pace every time. You will get bored.

Final rating
I can not really recommend this game in version 1.0, as there simply isn’t enough game to it at the moment. The developer promises a bunch of features like achievements for future updates and I might have to reconsider my score if more game modes are implemented. As it stands now in version 1.0 it has a heap of potential but not enough game to implement the excellent controls to.

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    I have this game and it gets boring after a time and probabaly will be good when the update comes


    exactly! thats what i said to the developer when they gave me a promo copy. i thought you were gonna review it after the update!

  • Jay

    i was under that impression too

  • Kamblad

    According to the page on itunes it states that first update will include Crash Fix, 3 new animations for the Arrow and more bonus score on higher levels. These changes don´t really effect the game I reviewed in version 1.0. Sure the page also talks about further updates but how long should I hold of on a review? A month? Six months?

  • Kamblad

    Update 1.1 out, not changing my review but worth noting that it is now down to $0.99 and the developer seems to be dedicated to improving the game so you might want to pick it up.