Archibald’s Adventures – Reviewed

by Nacho

originalFeeling let down by the quality of platform style games on the iPhone? Looking for another platformer now that you finished Rolando? Achibald’s Adventure is the title you are looking for.

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194705_4Archibald’s Adventures is a puzzle platformer. This means that although you run around in a platform game environment much of your time on boards is spent solving puzzles to get to the end.

In platformers like Mario you beat levels by getting better control of your character and learn to best more and more challenging levels. In this game your movements are pretty simple, so the challenge mostly comes from solving puzzles, then trowing in a little bit of movements on some basic obstacles. It reminds me a lot of old classics like a boy and his blob.

What’s Good?

When I started playing I was surprised by 2 things, the graphics and size of the game. Initially when looking at the game I was not impressed with the art style, but after getting into the game my impressions changed. The art reminds me of some of my favorite old school games. The details are plentiful, and the style is reminiscent off Matt Groening (of Simpsons Fame). It makes level progression and exploring a lot of fun.

The size of the game is worth noting. Archibald’s Adventures is one of the largest platform games on the iPhone. It’s not filler either. Each level is very well thought out and can take a good amount of time to solve through. The variety of levels is also quite stunning. Just when you think your going the levels are going to start becoming repetitive the developers throw in a totally new element. Even changing characters half-way through the game

194705What’s Bad?

The one thing that keeps me from giving Archibald’s Adventure a 5-star rating is the controls. In many parts of the game you are required to make quick maneuvers, and every time the controls fail. I find myself running through these parts over and over again only because my finger is touching in the wrong area. Even though you can move the controls anywhere you like on screen, after many configurations, and after hours of playing it doesn’t get much better. I think a touch control system like EDGE would work out really well.

In all Archibald’s Adventure is a really fun game. You absolutely get a huge bang for the buck. With the varied gameplay and copious amount of levels this game will keep you interested longer than most iPhone Titles.


Presentation & Graphics

Archibald’s Adventures has the quality of graphics you expect to see in a PC or console game.



The effects are good. Some of the songs are a bit repetitive, and its a big disappointment that you can’t play music from your iTunes playlist. Some of the sound effects can get a little annoying.



Archibald’s Adventure has a fun and unique gameplay. Just remember most of your time is spent solving puzzles not jumping on baddies. Just please, Rake in Grass, fix the controls!!



The gamelife on this game really stands out. It’s one of the longest games on the iPhone and the levels are very re-playable.


Game Rating

Final Word
Overall this game is fantastic. The developers have brought a polished & fun puzzle platformer to the iPhone that is hard to put down.

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  • Jay

    looks fun, i might buy it. great review nacho

  • Corleth

    Have you figured out you can control the hero/bubble also by touching anywhere on the screen? I have found it’s often easier to control the bubble this way, using the arrows only from time to time. Amazing game in either case, very addictive.

  • Nacho

    I did figure that out, and most the time it just doesn’t help. One or the other of the controls gets in the way of the other. if you could turn one off it may make it easier.

  • Jailer

    I donloaded this off installous. it is soooooooooooooo fun. i would pay 6 bucks for this, but why not get it for free?lol. Buy it. It’s worth it. ignore what i said about the other stuf this is sooo fun