Arcane Legends Interview (Updated)

The CFO of Spacetime Studios chats with me about old and new titles in the Legends universe.

It has been a fast and furious journey for Spacetime Studios; from an excited Gary Gattis (CEO) showing me an early build of Pocket Legends in a San Francisco hotel lobby to a multi-million dollar development studio that produces increasingly complex and ground-breaking MMORPGs for mobile devices each year. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the studio’s Chief Visionary Officer, Cinco Barnes for a spirited interview that dives into their upcoming game, Arcane Lagends,¬†along with their creative process for past titles and features. Cinco obviously has a passion for making games, and I think it’s an entertaining listen both for those interested in Spacetime’s games as well as those who want an insight into why studios makes some of the design choices they do.

You can listen to it below, get it from our podcast stream in iTunes, or download the file directly. Enjoy!

Update: Check out the cute CGI trailer that Spacetime released today. It shows off the customary three classes and a pet, which according to the interview, will be an integral part of gameplay in Arcane Legends.

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