Arachnadoodle review

Arachnadoodle is the result you get if you combine Peggle and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Inject a large amount of fun, and make the spider cute as a button, and you got a true winner.

In Arachnadoodle you have to launch Boris the spider across a room to connect his web between pegs. The more pegs you connect with the same launch the more points you gain. There are also bonus flies to eat to gain points and extra launches. To successfully complete a level you have to connect all the pegs with web. Once you have either connected all pegs or run out of launches the flies arrive. The strength of the web determines how many flies you catch. If you failed to connect all pegs you will have to retry the level, and thankfully the game is so fun that it never feels like a chore to replay anything.

img_9005The controls are totally touch based, and all you control is the launch of Boris. Touch Boris and aim in the direction you want him to go, and just release to see him fly. An arrow helps showing you direction, and strength making it easy to aim. The main concern is rather how to connect all pegs in the limited amount of launches as efficient as possible.

There are also obstacles in the way hindering Boris from just rushing through the levels. Death Head bug that explodes once you touch it, killing a life for Boris and destroying connected webs. Lamps and Spark Head bugs also kill Boris so you must make sure to avoid them at all costs. In the beginning levels lack furniture, and Boris lands on the floor all the time. As you progress furniture is added letting you gain better launch spots as Boris clings to furniture like a spider clinging to a fly carcass.

img_7018The graphics are bright and happy with a zany feel to them. The backgrounds are blurry to create a sense of depth. Hand drawn objects and creatures are cute, and I really enjoy the world of Arachnadoodle. The sound effects are just as zany with Boris happily shouting as only a spider can. The music on the other hand is strange using the Star Wars theme that is totally out of place in my opinion. Thankfully you can play your own music instead, and keep the sound effects as well.

Arachnadoodle has online leaderboards and achievements through OpenFeint integration. It comes with 32 levels, and that is not enough, I want more. Not that I haven’t got 99 cents of gameplay out of Arachnadoodle but I would gladly pay more for more levels. DLC would be great for a game such as Arachnadoodle. Iimg_7017t takes about 2 hours to complete the 32 levels, and actually the level both me and my wife got stuck at was level 6. After that it is quite easy with the levels featuring Death Head bugs being hardest. There are no bosses or other challenges, and even though the basic gameplay is really fun the game would benefit from some variation.

Arachnadoodle is a must buy combining the crack that is Peggle with nifty spider controls, and zany graphics. Now I will sit in a dark corner while resting my synapses hoping for more levels in a future update or through DLC. Had I reviewed Arachnadoodle in 2009 it would definitely get my nomination as a contender for casual game of the year.

Final Rating


Arachnadoodle $0.99
Version: 0.3.5
Seller: Mforma Europe Ltd.

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