AquaSpank review

AquaSpank is a casual game in the same vein like games such as Chain Reaction and Bugz. You set of an explosion and have to make sure the chain reaction destroys as many objects as possible. In AquaSpank it is mines you have to blow up.

AquaSpank sets itself apart from most other chain reaction games in two aspects. For one you don’t have a target number to destroy for each level but rather you have to destroy all available mines. If you don’t you lose a bit of your circular life meter, when empty it is game over. The second aspect might be more interesting as it actually lets you manipulate the outcome after you have exploded your only bomb. You can affect the mines by creating waves, and force them into the chain reaction before it dies out.

The graphics are excellent with beautiful backgrounds based on the aquatic theme, and realistic water movements. At times it is hard to see the mines splashing about because of air bubbles but that adds some needed challenge.

img_0415There is no music, but it lets you play your own alongside the watery sound effects. Production values are high for such a simple game, which is a good thing of course.

Once you reach game over you don’t even get to chalk your name onto the high score list, and I think that is the least you should expect from a high score game. Sadly only local scores available in the current version of AquaSpank. Nothing to unlock or achieve shortens the gamelife.

My biggest gripe with the game is the level of difficulty, there is little to none. Those times I have reached game over is when I have wanted to pause, and accidentally exploded my only bomb instead. This leads to the life being obliterated right away. I had to check if I am a ninja at this so I handed it to my wife. Five minutes later she had beat my scores, and got too bored to continue. Being able to affect the water is cool but also makes you able to fix almost any mistimed bomb explosion.

img_0419AquaSpank looks and sounds good but sadly it is boringly easy. This could have been somewhat saved by having some goal connected to either unlockables, achievements or online competitors on a high score list. Try the lite version to experience the nice graphics, and small innovations to the chain reaction formula.

Final Rating


AquaSpank $0.99

AquaSpank Lite

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    I wanted to tell you that you have a very good ability to write reviews. I dont know how you do so many so fast and they still turn out good.
    You are awesome man.

  • Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden

    Thank you very much for those kind words, really appreciate them.

  • iPGN-Nige, UK

    Yep Torbjorn is our resident review speedster!