Aqua Moto Racing 2 – Review

For some reason I always find myself drawn to a good Jet Ski game. Read on to find out if that is the case with Aqua Moto Racing 2.

Aqua Moto Racing 2 is the sequel to Aqua Moto Racing released back in 2009, a game where, as the title suggest, is a race on water. The first Jet Ski that is provided is neither fast nor fancy. It is pretty crappy to be honest. This won’t be quite noticeable though, not yet at least. After you have won a few races you will be able to buy new Jet Skis that are indeed fast and fancy. Is winning the only thing that will give you money? No, of course not. It is not all about straight line speed, stunts can be unleashed as well. Depending on the Jet Ski that you are using, you will be able to perform from Easy to Medium to Hard stunts (there are three difficulties of stunts, two for each difficulty which, if you are good at math, equals to six different stunts). Credits will be awarded depending on the difficulty of the stunt. For example, an easy stunt is awarded with $25 and a bar in the Turbo Pie (more on that later), on the other hand a medium one is awarded with $50 and two bars and last but not least the hard ones will be awarded with $100 and three bars. And by the way, that money is game money…just in case.

mzllwmyrasm320x480-75Then, how does this “Turbo Pie” work? Well it has ten slices, and in order to have turbo all one has to do is fill them all up. Now, you can fill up the slices with the stunts like I mentioned earlier but there are also other ways to do this. By taking a turn perfectly by the buoys (which by the way, means the closer you can be to it…even by crashing into it you will be given the “perfect” award, which is definitely flawed) you will be awarded with two slices, if you only turn it and do it “great” you will be awarded with one, but if you don’t turn really close to it you won’t be awarded with any. Now this seems like a great addition, but it can also be a pain. If by any chance you miss one of these buoys, a slice will be taken off. Not only that, but by missing three buoys will equal to a disqualification. Penalization also occurs by falling off the Jet Ski, which is pretty annoying to say the least, and will result in the loss of another slice.

mzlyaoirnbr320x480-75The biggest addition to this sequel is the waves, they look great and deform in a pretty realistic way. Thanks to the waves you will have a more challenging race, and a more realistic one too, especially when compared to the relatively flat original. Having to fight against the waves, your opponents, and trying to stay within the buoys is a very challenging but fun task.

The graphics aren’t jaw dropping, at first they will seem N64-ish, but they actually look better than that. Think PS2 maybe, which is a shame because they could have really taken advantage of the Retina Display for iPhone 4 but it doesn’t seem like they did.

The game is not perfect though, apart from the graphics it also has some collision flaws. Sometimes you will go through bridges or mountains, which takes off the reality of the game. Another flaw I found was that sometimes the countdown before a race wouldn’t come up. It would go directly to “GO!” (This seemed to happen every time I pressed the accelerator before the countdown would come up).

mzlzpgywvza320x480-75Apart from those little flaws though, you will be happy to know that there a lot of hours of gameplay within this baby. Not only are there over 40 challenging courses, there are also unlockable Jet Skis that will make you want to come back to get those bad boys. The good thing about the Jet Skis is that it gives you the opportunity to pick from your style of gameplay. You prefer speed? Check. You prefer stunts? Check. That kind of variety is pretty cool. There is also an option to edit your rider (only the colors) and you can also choose which flag you want to appear besides your name (fail because there is no Puerto Rico flag). If that is not enough, there are also achievements (around 25) which will keep you very busy for a while.

This is a full PS2/Nintendo 64 kind of game, it is the kind of games we used to pay $50 for before and we had to play it on the couch. This one is only worth $4.99 and we can play it anywhere we want. If it wasn’t for the lack of online gameplay and the few flaws it has, it would be a perfect game.

You can also check it out for free by downloading the Lite version. There are only three Jet Skis and three courses, but it will give you a taste of what the real deal is.


Aqua Moto Racing is out now for$4.99. get it on the Aqua

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