Aqua Globs Review

Do you like multitasking? Then you’ll love Aqua Globs.

Back when Flight Control hit the app store, there was a general fuss about the game. I had downloaded the game, but never felt compelled to play it any further after my first five minutes with it. Months later, Aqua Globs has arrived on the App store as developer Qwiboo’s take on the line drawing genre, and it has me smitten.

I am not praising Aqua Globs at the expense of Flight Control, in fact many may question my tastes after hearing that I did not particularly enjoy the beloved FC. Take note that I appreciate Flight Control’s merits, but Aqua Globs offers what I think to be a more refined and challenging system. You see, Aqua Globs is not afraid to throw a challenge at the player. The entirety of the game is geared around the generation of high scores.

aquag2How does one get a high score? A bit of luck, plenty of practice and an understanding of the mechanics of the game. Aqua Globs is easy enough to pick up, simply drag a path for globs to follow. Match two globs of the same color (either orange or blue) to make a big glob, match two big globs of the same color and they disappear. Green globs will also make a glob disappear upon collision, and when an orange glob runs into a blue glob one of three lives is lost. The game is simple on paper, but the execution and maintenance of this easy rule set is far from placid in practice.

Aqua Globs can get so difficult at times, that I am compelled to shake my iPod in rage (the monetarily sound alternative to rage-throwing). Despite the potential for frustration, I have found that Aqua Globs is a great game to bring out in a pinch, it has no aspirations to be just like the games we play on the big screen and instead chooses to present a refined experience that is well-suited to its platform.

Fans of challenging gameplay should go check Aqua Globs out on the App store, at its current price of 99 cents it is a steal.



The visual aspects of this game are not what drew me in, but its cartoony style is far from being an eyesore.



Aqua Globs uses audio clues well, but one of the noises (you will know which I am talking about) is rather annoying. The audio options presented at the start of each game are appreciated.



Spot on throughout, although I would hope that it would be difficult to screw up line drawing.



There is not much content to experience here, but those that get sucked in to the online leaderboards can have untold hours of nail-biting excitement.

Final Score


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  • qwiboo

    Thanks for the review!

    Great to hear you like the game. We are already working on an update which will bring new levels and new globs!

    You can watch the progress on our blog