Anymode Marvel NFC Galaxy S4 case review

A case that blinks at you in the dark.

Superheroes are hot these days, and Marvel is the main provider when it comes to good heroes. Two of these have made the transition to providing protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4: Iron Man and Spiderman. Sure there have been countless heroes found on cases the last couple of years, but what makes these special is that there is some slight interactivity.

The main selling point is the fact that there is a NFC tag found inside the back of the case. What this means is that with NFC enabled on the S4 you get the eyes of Spiderman to light up, or eyes and arc reactor of Iron Man.  If you just have NFC enabled there will be a slight sparkle of light every now and then. When you encounter something NFC-enabled such as a speaker, tag or other phone there is a brighter light that is quite cool. Most of the time though there is just that occasional sparkle that reminds me that this is a NFC case. Is it useful? Not really, as you can’t just turn it on, and have continuous light beaming out from the eyes or tummy. Is it cool? For a while perhaps, but it takes friends with NFC-enabled phones or speakers to make it the centre of attention.

The case itself is a snap-on hardcase with a bit of an unusual design. It doesn´t protect the sides that is the common design choice. Instead there is extra protection for the bottom, and top. Edges extends around the bottom, and top giving some protection for the screen. Having the sides bare actually makes the S4 feel longer, almost as extended as the iPhone 5.

The artwork is a bit hit and miss in my opinion. The flying Iron Man in full figure looks really cool, but the cartoony Spiderman eyes are a bit weird and looks kind of cheap. And I would have liked to have the artwork continue all the way instead of becoming transparent on the bottom, and top.

I do applaud the innovative use of NFC that Anymode has come up with, but it is a bit too limited to actually be a proper selling point. I haven’t found any applications that can program NFC signals, but if those where available to give a spider sense tingle when you get a message for example this would have been truly a useful technology.

If you are a fan of Spiderman, or Iron Man there is no reason not to get this case. If you want to get it just to have a cool new NFC case you are in for a bit of a disappointment. As a protective case it does a pretty good job, and a superhero wouldn’t allow your device to be harmed, right.

Final Rating


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