Antimatter Review

Quick Review by Nacho

antimatter-tilePangea Software, the creators of Enigmo and many other games has recently released Antimatter. Is Antimatter the next Space Invaders, or is it Anti-Fun? Read more to find out.

032129The concept of the game is simple. You swipe your finger to move around your antimatter ball. You need to run your ball into the floating strings. Each time you hit them they change color (from blue to red). You win when all the strings are red. To add to the challenge you have an energy timer which runs out as you move. You can add to the timer by tapping a string, but any additional taps on the same string will make you lose energy. There are also a series of power-ups that you can collect to temporarily change the gameplay.

Antimatter starts out pretty fun, but gets really annoying really fast. When you start out the game is cool, you can hit all the strings, the sounds are good, the flashy graphics are cool, and everything is cool. About 10 levels later the game just becomes frustrating. When these floating strings are all over you can’t possibly move carefully enough to hit them all without just being lucky. I am convinced that the only way you can even get to higher levels is to get the power-up that allows you to plow through the strings.

032129_4You might say to me, Nacho, this game is just challenging,  and your just not up to the challenge. Well let me tell you friend, the game gets worse. There are more power-ups that hurt you than help you. If you try to avoid touching them they don’t go away, they just keep cluttering the screen until you have to hit them! So your on a level with an impossible amount of strings and you hit the black hole power-up. You are then stuck swirling on that spot for a time, trying to break free. Or you hit something that makes the strings longer.

The sounds are good, the graphics are good, but it’s just not enough to make up for the annoyances. If you want my advice, don’t buy this game. It’s not worth it.

Game Rating

Antimatter gets 2 stars for the graphics and sound, but this game is only fun for about 10 minutes.

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  • Kevin

    I liked Pangea’s previous games and was excited when this came out. Then I played this for about an hour and gave up around level 10. Deleted it a couple days later. It’s not even a matter of skill or practice, just gets impossible to proceed quickly.

  • Jay

    First time that Pangea has disappointed me