Angry Birds Star Wars review

Enter the cave, and you will face your personal evil.

An evil so unfathomable has struck the universe, or rather the App Store. Young Padwan, don’t be afraid of the Finnish. They might be loud, drink a lot of vodka and take mean hot saunas but they aren’t the Dark Force. The hordes call them out as evil, as henchmen of the Emperor. They only acted out of what they considered being fair. The evil agenda was not in place to ruin the good people of Tatooine, or Earth for that matter. Nope their plan was simply to make enough dollars to stop global warming from ruining their winter baths in the snow.

Young Padwan when reading the App Store reviews you have to consider this, and this only: the evil you must face is not your inner demon, but having to consider spending IAP. Yes that is the evil brought by the Finnish horde of Rovio. First charging $0.99 for one of the most awaited, and hyped up games in iOS history, and then charging an extra $1.99 to unlock an extra world. That is the evil you will have to face: can you take it on? Will it break you? Will it mean that you will remove your Angry Birds iPhone cover, throw away the big red Angry Bird in your bed and never again eat Angry Birds candy?

Another thing you might have to consider in these trying times young apprentice is how these henchmen of the apocalypse Rovio have failed yet again to go universal. The outcry has been clear, and the council has been assembled to discuss this crime against iOS. Chillingo, Bulkypix and Gameloft have all fallen in line with the wishes of the galactic court and council. Now only Rovio, Electronic Arts and Popcap goes against this. Yes this is a dire crime indeed having an iPhone version at $0.99, and an iPad version at $2.99. Now you have to choose sides, or play your games in poor resolution on the iPad. Alas Padwan, at least there is no iPad Mini version, as such a thing would create a new Death Star upon appearance.

Now when the evil has been shun in light I will tell you about the game beneath: Angry Birds Star Wars. Dear apprentice of the force, listen carefully. Combining the world of Star Wars with the simple physics of Angry Birds makes for a truly compelling experience. Now then you might argue that it sound like a re-skin of Angry Birds Space, but alas Padwan you are still clouded by the non-universal and iAP evils. Angry Birds Star Wars comes with proper Jedi warriors from the Star Wars universe, but also with new cool mechanics. Enemies fire back at you with lasers; Jedi’s can attack once using the force, laser blasters and sabres depending on the hero.

The core gameplay hasn’t changed since the first Angry Birds, and that is what the universe wanted. More of the gameplay that ruined almost as many work hours as Bejeweled. Now set in a universe well known, and with a couple of years to refine the formula this is the best version yet. Remove the Star Wars influences, and the game is still an improvement. The level design has taken leaps, and bounds since the first game. Many of the ideas from Angry Birds Space have been expanded, and made more coherent when combined with the Star Wars license.

Presentation has always been great for the Angry Birds games, and the level of polish for this version is through the roof. From the crisp menus to the explosions in space the game has been varnished to shine. Something that is also evident is the fact that the developers at Rovio have had fun creating this game. I guess that a lot of them are in the same age as me, and grew up with Luke Skywalker, Leia and Wookies. The chirps, small outbursts and sound bytes from the movies are perfectly aligned with the action.

As with all games in the Angry Birds universe the physics can be slightly wonky not always following logic. In the first game this bothered me slightly, but now some twenty Angry Birds hours later it feels perfect. The controls have always been great, and still are in the simplicity allowing gran to play just as well as me.

Rovio has managed to create another compelling Angry Birds game, and I have to say it is the best one yet. Given the amount of nostalgia, and hours of gameplay it provides it is a must for any iOS gamer. There is IAP to get more levels, but don’t let this be the thing you call out as evil in your life. The price is fair, and the reward is great.

Final Rating



Angry Birds Star Wars $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Angry Birds Star Wars HD $2.99

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