Angela’s World review

I love weird games, and a game where a girl has to run around the world collecting roses certainly qualify in the weird category. In Angela’s World you guide Angela who has to run around the world collecting enchanted roses while at the same time avoiding sparks raining down. It is a survival runner in the vein of Canabalt and Little Runner, but instead of moving from left to right you simply run around the world. This eliminates the sense of progression, and adventure found in the aforementioned games. Instead the focus is here and now. Keeping Angela alive isn’t easy.

The controls give you two areas to get Angela to move left and right. Basically touch the left side of the screen to move Angela to the left, and right side to move to the right. That is it, and it works really well. Black sparks rain down, and you have to make sure to avoid them. If Angela gets hit she loses a life represented by the stars surrounding the world. She has five to start with, and when they are gone Angela is gone too. The aim of the game is to collect the pink roses that pop up, and there is always one available at a time.

img_0247To challenge Angela special events occur such as the world spinning letting Angela either stand still to get the rose, or run at twice the speed to catch it. Other events are the eye blinking blacking out the screen at intervals, and the stripes event that bring black stripes that makes it hard to see the incoming sparks. The score is higher for the roses you manage to grab while an event is active.

The graphics in Angela’s World appeals to my artistic mind. The black/white colour palette is clear, and reminds me of :Shift:. It is really easy to see the pink rose against the white and black. The world is kind of fuzzy on the surface, and the sparks leave cool black vapour trails. I don’t know anything about Angela, but I guess she is some kind of angel or pixie. The small avatar that is Angela in the game seems to have wings.

img_0246The music in Angela’s World is ominous, and haunting while still retaining a good tempo. Cranking up the volume with headphones really add to the experience of being a strange girl chased by sparks of lightning on a strange world. You can play your own music, and actually keep the game music as well. A bit strange, and you can turn the game music off if you want to.
Online leaderboards through an own server, and 17 achievements grant a lot of gamelife. I have yet to finish all the achievements as most of them are hard as nails to get. To die in 18 seconds is easy, but to survive 5 event is way harder. According to the App Store page a bonus mode is unlocked if you manage to get all 17 achievements.

Angela’s World is a nifty survival game that lets you run in circles. It might not sound like a whole lot of fun, but it really is. Angela’s World has replaced Canabalt as my quick game to play. It also retains some mystery to who Angela is, and what she is actually doing. The only flaws to the game is that I don’t get to go somewhere, and I would a bit more variation to the gameplay. If you are looking for something cool, and unique definitely get Angela’s World. At the moment there is no lite version available, but you can try the game here if you install the unity engine.

Final Rating


Angela’s World $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Hive Media, Inc.

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