American Idol: The game – review

Could you be the next American Idol? If this game had anything to do with singing, then there would have been little point me even trying, but EA brings America’s favourite television show, AMERICAN IDOL, to your phone by enabling fans across the world (Yes, I want Adam Lambert to win! And I’m in the UK) to play as a contestant on the show and never need to sing a note. This could be the only way I’d win a singing competition!


If you choose to play the Idol season, you start out like all wannabe idols in a long cue waiting for your chance at audition week. This is a great time to complete your application form and introduce other characters: from Rhonda, the obsessive fan of the show; to Michael, with smoky eyes and good looks.

Before you know it you’re showing Rhonda what you can do, or in this case trying out the tutorial. The instructions are a little wordy, but this game basically utilises the iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen controls to perform the music and is really easy to use. Just like the show, Ryan Seacrest introduces each episode and you have to advance from the auditions through to a grueling competition week after week. Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson give you authentic feedback on your performance at each stage. It’s worth doing badly just to hear what Simon has to say!

idol2From the full motion video characters to actual footage from the show, this is a very well presented game. During the game you must learn to balance rehearsals with your new idol lifestyle. Players need to choose the right clothes, friends and songs to gain style, fame and talent points. These scores will lead to multiple outcomes and enable players to experience a different storyline each time they play. And unlike the show if you don’t do well you can keep trying until you change the outcome.

If you don’t have time to compete in the full game, simply choose the Quick-Play mode to play from a large list of songs on the go from ‘Fame’, ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’ to name but a few.

For me, the biggest question I’m left wondering, who is the game aimed at who has an iPhone? But, as a UK fan of the show and someone who’s talent is not singing, it’s the closest I’ll get to hearing those infamous words. Lisa you are the next… American Idol

idol3Presentation & Graphics

Great use of full motion characters and actual Idol footage. The in game characters are good fun and create a suite of larger than life characters that you really do expect to see next season. The graphics have been really well considered and present the essence of American Idol perfectly.

Great use of the original TV theme tune. All your favourite fan songs to try out and great tension created when you see if you have survived another week. In Guitar Hero style, if you fail to hit the notes, the singing fades out.

As close to being part of American Idol as you can get, without trying out yourself. Upbeat tunes. Easy controls. Every choice defines the outcome and infinite different results; I still can’t believe Michael is now my boyfriend! Great video clips. Would be great to see a wider choice of songs and maybe some harder one.

Got through to the final in about five hours, but plenty of fun still to be had from Quick play and starting a new season. Maybe next time I won’t be quite so nice to everyone.

Game Rating
Basically, if you enjoy the show, you will love this game! American Idol: The game is available now for $4.99 American Idol: The Game

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