aMAZEing 3D Maze Review

aMAZEing is in essence a 3D First-Person Engine tech demo. Despite my email to the developer recommending I hold off on the review, he asked me to go through with it anyways. There are really two things you should  know about this game: 1. The engine is being used for an FPS game that is being made by the developers. 2. It is a very nice step towards good FPS controls in an iPhone game. The controls are very smooth, and the 3D engine is very smooth with nice textures (albeit there’s not much to look at). If they add the ability to drag and hold your finger on the right (looking) joystick like they do in games like Hero of Sparta, the control scheme would work incredibly well.

The game itself is extremely simple: 1. Choose how many gems you want to find. 2. Choose how many rooms you want the maze to be composed off. The game will randomly generate a maze with random gems. All you have to do is walk through the maze to find them. This really isn’t that exciting, as I kept wanting something to jump out at me, or a gun to shoot stuff. But it’s solid, which is more than can be said for other FPS attempts out there. One complaint would be the seemingly frequent use of long corridors in the mazes, which take a long time to traverse.

Presentation & Graphics

Very smooth 3D engine, with nice textures. No variety in environments, and no objects in the maze. With variety and exotic locations, this game would be much more interesting.

Not much. Footsteps and some slightly comical overly excited expressions when you get a gem… “ALRIGHT! OH YEAH!”

Gameplay is very smooth. The controls are mostly good, but the right thumb pad needs the ability to keep going in the direction you slide your thumb. Without this, you have to continually swipe to turn around, which is really annoying. The game itself gets boring pretty fast, and begs for some sort of variety in the mazes.

Because the mazes are randomly generated, the game has an infinite replay value. Unfortunately, since the game isn’t all that interesting, there won’t be much reason to come back to it.

Game Rating


This game gets 3 stars because it does what no other game has done yet: make a first-person 3D engine with a control scheme that actually works. Sure, it’s in need of a few tweaks, but over all it’s easy to navigate through the mazes, and the engine looks quite good to boot. Unfortunately, with such a lack of variety or anything else of interest, there’s not much of a reason to play this game for longer than a few minutes. I’m surprised they are charging for it. Then again, the developer recommends “practicing” for when their FPS comes out, so who knows…

aMAZEing 3D Maze & Treasure Hunt – $.99

3/19/09 Update:
- Timed Games option: collect all the gems before the timer runs out! You get more time on bigger levels, so you choose how hard you want it to be
- Remove the mini map option: For players that like that extra challenge of finding their way about themselves!

- Background on mini map to make it easier to see
- More sound effects
- More transparent controls to give you more of a clear view of where you are going
- Minor bug fixes and tweaks

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  • James

    This game is quality. A little lacking in gameplay, but definitly worth a shot for $0.99!