Alphabetic Review


By Nigel Wood

I’ll have to admit when I read the description for this game I didn’t hold out much hope. Yet it’s surprisingly addictive, with slick presentation and a good selection of extras for replay-ability.


At it’s core, alphabetic is a ‘find the object’ game, except in this case it’s letters that you must find. In the basic game mode you must find each letter of the alphabet in order, before the time runs out. So starting with the letter A, you must tap it to move on to the next letter. Sounds a bit dull right? Well as you move on through the level, finding them gets more challenging, as the game starts throwing in effects aimed at dissorientating you. For example letters change colour randomly, change size, spin around, and more and more letters fill the screen over time. Towards the end of the level, all those effects combined will make searching for that Z a real challenge!

alpha2There are two game modes, Quickplay and Challenge. In quick play you simple have to find them all in order in the quickest time possible, you get points bonuses/combos for successful, consecutive finds. And once complete you’ll be presented with your score, which you can share with friends to challenge them. Challenge mode consists of nine missions which mix up the gameplay and difficulty. Examples of these are: Starting with Z and working backwards (harder than it sounds); ‘Endless mode’ which loops from A-Z, ‘Double’ where you must find each letter twice, and ‘Numeric’ which swaps the letters for numbers. Completing these in various times and difficulty levels will unlock Trophies, which you can use to brag to your friends.

For such a basic premise, the game packs in many features which ensure replayability and a good challenge.


Presentation and graphics
There’s not a lot of graphics to it, but what’s there is well polished. The effects applied to the letters to disorient you are a particular highlight.


Good sound effects, but minimal. Some music that adds to the feeling of urgency would have worked well.


Addictive gameplay, that lends itslef well to the casual market.



Plenty of extras to keep you going, Trophies and extra challenges that mix up the gameplay will ensure that this is a great pick up and play title


Game Rating

 Final word:

Alphabetic takes the simplest idea, applies a generous amount of polish and add some extra options and achievements for that must have replay value. At $1.99 some may think it’s too much for what it is, but how can you put a price on this much enjoyment.

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