Alley Gator Quick Review

WOOSH! HULK SMASH! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK…You may be wondering what the above words have to do with Alley Gator. Everything.

Alley Gator is a simple concept that has received a nice dose of typical Glu polish and style. The object of the game is to reach the end of each sewer pipe (level) while increasing speed and dodging crazy hurtles in the way. You tilt the iPhone to rotate around the pipe to accomplish this. You will dodge other pipes, spider webs, octopi, and other random items. There are 3 hot peppers to collect in each level, and a power up that lets you smash through anything in your path.

The game looks and plays very well, with excellent visuals. There are only twenty-something levels, and not much reason to play it more than once. By far the best part of Alley Gator is it’s sound effects editor. That’s right, you can record and add your own sound effects to the game. The words at the beginning of this review are just a few that I recorded myself, and the results are HILARIOUS. You can specify which sound goes with which action, and all of them have that “crappy video game sound” feeling, because the iPhone mic is pretty bad at recording. It’s awesome.

This is a good little quick-play title that will be good for a laugh when you record your own sounds, or have a friend record them for you. Although there aren’t a ton of levels, or reasons to come back for more after, there’s a nice variety to the style and objects in a level.


Alley Gator – $1.99

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